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Brandon Marshall and the Broncos defense looking to move on

Linebacker Brandon Marshall joined 1st and 10 at 10 on Orange and Blue 760 looking to move past the Chiefs game.

The frustration for the Denver Broncos defense has been echoed throughout the team. After playing well for a little more than three quarters against the Chiefs, the defense gave up some big plays, and eventually lost the game. Now, they look to move on from that collapse heading into the game against the New York Jets.

Brandon Marshall joined the guys on 1st and 10 at 10 on Orange and Blue 760 and discussed how that can happen. The defense knows they let a big opportunity slip away. While Marshall felt he played well most of the game, he knows that nothing matters other than winning, and that didn’t happen.

The biggest issue for many fans was the play calling of Joe Woods down the stretch. Marshall addressed this, and was clear, this is about doing your job.

“Everybody has to just do their job. No matter what the play call is, we gotta do our job, be focused on our job throughout the down.”

While it may be easy for us to call out the coaches, Marshall and the rest of the defense have taken responsibility. Look for a bounce back win against the Jets.