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Broncos fans should feel encouraged by Denver’s overall performance through four games

Even after a loss, 37% of Broncos fans are encouraged with the Denver Broncos performance. Up 14% over last week.

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Another loss should have hammered Denver Broncos fans this week, but instead we saw a bit of a bounce. This poll was sent out Monday before the game, so part of that could be the pregame optimism. However, I personally kept this email in my inbox until Tuesday morning and voted then. I wonder how many other fans did the same.

In Week 5 against the New York Jets, fans are expecting another win giving the Broncos a four-point advantage over the home team. So far, fans are 3-1 in their predictions each week. The only time they missed the mark was the loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

The loss to the Kansas City Chiefs was absolutely crushing, though. That is a game they absolutely should have won and nearly did had Case Keenum hit on one single throw. Comparing this team to last season, I am seeing competitive football and really that is what should be most encouraging. They just have to learn how to win again. Week 5 against the Jets is a good time to start.