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Broncos vs. Jets score predictions: Denver should come out with a win in New York

We predict a 26-16 road victory by the Denver Broncos over the New York Jets in Week 5.

The Denver Broncos (2-2) have a very winnable game on the road against the New York Jets (1-3), but their history on the east coast is one that should give us pause. Nothing ever comes easily in the NFL.

Collectively, the Mile High Report staff thinks the Broncos win easily 26-16 over the Jets. Against a rookie quarterback like Sam Darnold, who has struggled, a veteran defense like Denver’s should be able to control the game defensively. So if they do that, then the Broncos would only need an efficient offensive performance to win this game by two plus scores.

Here is how we each broke this game down individually.

Broncos 27, Jets 13

It feels like the issues on offense might be here to stay with the Broncos in 2018, but against a team like the Jets there is no reason two scores don’t win this game for Denver. It is a road game on the east coast, however, so I won’t take anything for granted in this one. - Tim Lynch

Broncos 27, Jets 20

I think Royce Freeman & Philip Lindsay notch a rushing TD each, and Keenum finally gets back on the TD board with an endzone target to Courtland Sutton. Sanders will less in receptions & targets. However, I think Keenum also throws another pick.

Meanwhile, the defense will face a group with little in the way of playmakers. The iffy secondary will still give up some big plays it shouldn’t, but I think this is the game the Broncos’ pass rush gets back on course. - Taylor Kothe

Broncos 24, Jets 21

A tough game on the road, this is the win that gets the Broncos back on track for a play-contending season. Von Miller will show up and give the Jets’ rookie QB a nice “Welcome to the NFL” sack while Chris Harris Jr. will send him a pick-six welcome package. I expect Case Keenum to have an improved game, taking advantage of a weak Jets’ secondary and a prime Courtland Sutton. Life is back to good on Monday. - Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

Broncos 23, Jets 6

This game is a hard one to predict. One one hand you have the Broncos playing an early game on the east coast on the road. On the other hand, Sam Darnold kinda sucks. Then again, we only scored 23 on a piss poor Chiefs defense AT HOME, and the Jets are at least “middle of the road” on defense (exactly middle as they rank 16th). So, how can I predict we score even the measly 23 we did against the Chiefs? Plus the finger pointing has begun with the “offense needs to score more points” talk. Ugh. What to do, what to do? How about we slap around a rookie QB the way everyone else slaps around rookie QBs? How about we don’t be the “typical Broncos” and be the poster children of career games for other teams and players? How about we try that on for size guys! - Pete Baron

Broncos 29, Jets 13

The Broncos are more talented than the Jets. The Broncos are a better team than the Jets. The Broncos are going to beat the Jets. It’s not hard. Run the ball. Let the rookies take over and they should have no problem. 29-13 Broncos. - Adam Malnati

Jets 23, Broncos 20

There is no doubt the Broncos should win this game. They should win this game rather easily. How many times have we said that the last two years, only to feel either anger or disappointment at the result? In Denver’s last six games played on the East Coast, it is 1-5. Overall, in the last nine road games, the Broncos are 1-8 and 4-13 in the last 17. It’s OK, I’ll be that one fan. - Ian St. Clair

Broncos 31, Jets 9

Last time the Broncos played the Jets, they shut them out, and that was with Trevor Siemian at the helm, and are facing a talented but turnover prone young QB in Sam Darnold. I expect this one to be as easy of a win Denver will have on their schedule this year, and will help fans get last week’s taste out of their mouths. Broncos 31 (with a defensive TD), Jets 9. - Jeff Essary

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