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Broncos vs Jets: 3 winners, 8 losers in a shameful Denver loss

Changes need to be made. There was a time this performance and showing was unacceptable for the Broncos.

Denver Broncos v New York Jets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

You know the season is lost when you lose to the hapless New York Jets.

That is what happened to the Denver Broncos on Sunday in a 34-16 defeat, and if the Jets are bad, what does that make Denver? The Broncos (2-3) might be worse than they were a season ago, and they were bad in 2017.


The Jets

Unlike the Broncos, New York moved up in the NFL Draft and got its franchise quarterback in Sam Darnold. It’s fitting the Jets just beat Denver. The future looks bright for Gang Green. The same cannot be said about Broncos Country.

Phillip Lindsay

The Broncos rookie running back was pretty much the only player who shined on offense. He is fun to watch and will play a big role for this franchise in the foreseeable future.

Adam Gotsis

Hey, you have to try and find the positives at this point, and at least Denver’s defense created a turnover. Not only that, the offense turned that into a touchdown. At least the start was good. Too bad it derailed shortly after that.


Vance Joseph

The time has come to fire him and move on. It’s easy to lose track of the number of embarrassing games he’s overseen as head coach, but Sunday against the Jets is the most recent. No more.

Joe Woods

No more. As is the case for Joseph, the time has come to move on. At least Wade Phillips will be in the building next Sunday to completely destroy the franchise that did him wrong.

Garett Bolles

Or is it Garett Holds? Either way, he leads the NFL in holding penalties and the issues that plagued him in his rookie season haven’t been fixed. The “bust” talk is only going to grow louder and louder.

Denver’s offensive line

Despite the success this unit has had in run blocking, it is putrid in pass protection. This unit has been bad over the Broncos’ three-game losing streak and now the Los Angeles Rams are up next.

Case Keenum

Keenum is a liability at this point, and it’s time to consider making the switch to Chad Kelly. Keenum has proven his success with the Minnesota Vikings last season was a fluke.

Bradley Roby

Holy shit, was he torched on Sunday. What else is there to say? He wasn’t alone, since the Frequent Flyer Zone was open for business against the Jets.

Broncos run defense

Holy shit, was this unit torched on Sunday. What else is there to say?

John Elway

It’s been said that Denver’s legend has no Plan B. Never has that been more true since Peyton Manning retired. It’s clear at this point that Elway has no clue what he’s doing. And his franchise just shamed itself by being annihilated by a bad team that has a franchise quarterback. Whoops.