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Broncos at Jets: The No Bull Review

The Denver Broncos laid a complete egg against the New Jersey Jets on Sunday. Is it the beginning of the end of the 2018 season for the orange and blue? My thoughts, analysis, and opinions on it here in the No Bull Review.

NFL: Denver Broncos at New York Jets Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes teams get their asses handed to them on a plate.

Anything can happen on any given Sunday in the NFL.

Coaches coach and players play. We have to do better.

Take all the cliches and shove them, Vance Joseph. I do my best every year to start out the season with a fresh outlook and an optimistic view on the team I cheer for. I bought the hype about Case Keenum and how he’s looked even better to you than what you expected. I put aside the nonsense defense we saw last year when we had Aqib Talib and the No Fly Zone early in the season when you decided to play around with adding some zone concepts to the playbook.

It is time to pay the piper, VJ. I’m giving you, your staff, and the organization the unfiltered No Bull special treatment after going into the Meadowlands against a bottom-tier NFL team and laying an egg.

Make no mistake, there is a big problem in Denver

Let’s stop painting happy trees all over the place while Rome is laying on the ground in cinders. The leadership of the team from a coaching level is absolutely missing. Vance Joseph isn’t head coach material. He isn’t a “leader of men.” I’m not even sure he knows the first thing about being a head coach at all.

The Broncos have assembled a coaching staff for him this year after his coordinators got the blame for last season (which if you read me regularly you know my opinion is the problem last year was Elway meddling, which led to a mess of a coaching situation, but I digress). I don’t want to hear Joseph answer any more questions about players or execution. What I want to hear is anything that makes me believe for a second he is going to hold his coaches, players, and staff accountable for the team playing competitive football.

We saw the team give their best effort against KC and it was definitely competitive. But for the team to turn around and let a team run for well over 300 yards the next week, giving up multiple big play touchdowns is inexcusable.

Case Keenum is a fraud

I have no idea what happened to the guy I watched every snap of from the 2017 season or the guy we saw in training camp and preseason. He’s been replaced with the ghost of Trevor Siemian, but with a much higher priced contract.

The lack of accuracy from Keenum is maddening. It isn’t like this was a one-game thing either. Even in KC where I thought the team top to bottom gave great effort, Keenum’s passes were often overthrown and off target.

He ends up the day with a nice stat line and QBR, but let’s be real here: Keenum’s play held this offense back all day long and his inconsistencies are lowering all boats on the offensive side of the ball.

I’m normally not a guy for knee-jerk reactions, but we’ve seen this story at QB played out for a couple of years now. Joseph needs to put the heat on Keenum and if he can’t perform, he needs to chew bench. If Keenum can’t get his act together, let’s start giving snaps to a young scrub and see if he has the fire needed to play QB in this league.

Where art thou, Von Miller?

Von Miller is one of the nicest guys in every press conference. Every QB is the best. Every team has a great offensive line. I call bull on that nonsense. I’ve seen Von Miller play the game and he hasn’t taken the field in three weeks. The difference between Von and guys like Khalil Mack is that Von makes plays when the team needs them. He makes an impact on the game. This is two weeks in a row where the only impact Von has had on the game is to eat space and try to hold the edge against the run.

What did I tell you about Bradley Roby?

Free troll season: say something positive about Roby’s game...I dare you. This kid got taken to the woodshed by the frigging Jets. He looked not just lost, but inept. And don’t you go making excuses for the second TD, Broncos Country. A good CB stays on his guy’s hip and swipes at the ball at least. Roby got moved off the route and he shouldn’t have...he’s the bigger player.

I’m most likely going to take my family to dinner when news finally breaks that Roby is no longer a Bronco just like I did for Rahim Moore and Trevor Siemian. His game is weak sauce.

About those coaching decisions…

Did you all notice we had a new punter this week after Vance Joseph was picking on Marquette King as the one guy on the team that he wanted to hold his feet to the fire? Let me tell you something guys...that punter sucked eggs through a straw and it dribbled out of his nose. Sure, King wasn’t looking like King, but can we point that blame cannon at the QB instead of a punter who was just a few yards off his average!?

Broncos players that deserve recognition

There. I feel a lot better.

Now let’s get some positivity out there, because this atrocity that is the Denver Broncos in my mind largely a front office and coaching issue, and some of the players are still playing Bronco football and giving everything on the field. Here are the guys who stood out in a good way, in no particular order:

  • Derek Wolfe had one of the best games I’ve ever seen him play. And don’t listen to Topher...this guy has consistently played his tail off in our scheme and been worth the money he’s gotten paid.
  • Domata Peko is still playing like a man with his hair on fire. If everyone on the front-7 gave as much effort as he does, this defense would be top 5 in the NFL.
  • Royce Freeman is looking tremendously good. I just wish the coaches noticed so he would get more is an atrocity that a guy like him is being given so few carries.
  • Phillip Lindsay is a true weapon. I love when he gets in space and how fast he goes from 0 to 60 on the football field.
  • Demaryius Thomas played his tail off in this game. He reminded me of Super Bowl 48 where he was the one bright light in a swirling toilet of suckage on offense.
  • Billy Turner should honestly start the rest of the season at right tackle. He looked very good to my eyes.
  • Courtland Sutton is continuing the development of his NFL game and I love it. Congrats on the TD, Courtland!

Final Thoughts

My apologies, Broncos Country, but like many of you, I’m quite used to this team being competitive and the past two years have left me with a very short fuse for the Broncos putting forth an effort like what we saw on Sunday.

Hit me up in the comments and share your thoughts. Is this just a hot take? Too much meaning being put into one single game? Are we going to be able to look competitive at all against the LA Rams next week? Should Vance Joseph be fired and if so, when? Let’s dig in in the comments and peel a couple more layers off this stanky onion that is the 2018 Broncos season.