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NFL Power Rankings: Week 6

The Broncos have finally found consistency: Too bad it’s consistently horrible play calling and performance.

Chicago Bears v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Another week down, and another week of despair for Broncos Country. What in the world did we just witness on Sunday? Sure, I predicted in last week’s rankings that the Broncos would lose and be on a 4 game skid that ends in Arizona. But after seeing how lifeless our offense was and how gashed our defense was, I’m having a really hard time believing this current 3 game skid (and lets be real, the Rams will trounce us) won’t turn into a 6 game losing streak as the Broncos enter the bye.

Recently we held a QB roundtable and I voiced my thoughts on what needs to be done. In the comments, someone was talking out their ass about why you don’t turn to Kelly because of his draft status and that he was never evaluated worth a damn (i.e. lack of talent). My response was:

Want to know why that’s so ridiculous?

Because Baker Freaking Mayfield was a “3rd round pick” and then post combine was “a 2nd day pick (round 2)”

Guess what?

By the time the draft happened, he was the #1 overall pick!

So stop! STOP with that BS narrative of 3rd or 4th rounder. STOP

By the time the draft actually comes around, the “3rd or 4th round pick” is always a 1st rounder and the “late late late round QB” is always a 2-3 roudner.

Kelly had red flags: Injuries and hot headed past from years before.

That’s why he slid. Period!

He didn’t slide because of a lack of talent.

Guess who the Broncos had as their highest rated QB in that draft class? Was it Mahomes? NOPE, it was CHAD F’ING KELLY!!!

So turn the team over to him at halftime of a 31-3 game on Sunday. The time is now, because we have to find out what we have in him.

We have the damn test in front of us, and we know that Keenum isn’t one of the answers. So insert Kelly to see if he is. If he isn’t, then we know next offseason we need to sell the farm to get the best QB in the draft, or we need to trade the farm to get an already proven franchise QB.

Later down when people contested my stance, kindsvader pulled in some articles about Chad Kelly saying he’s the best senior QB in the nation and then Mike Mayock saying that Denver just got a 1st round QB.

Here’s the thing: Yes, I realize a change at the QB position wont solve this team’s problems. But it sure will be a step in the right direction. The coaching staff needs to be put out to pasture or be told to coach as if they aren’t afraid of losing. If we can devise a scheme that makes Von Miller invisible for 4 straight weeks, to me, that’s on the coaches. If we stick our players in such awful positions to have enormous play after enormous play unfold as we stand helpless, that’s on the coaches.

So yes, I know a change at the QB isn’t everything, but its a start. Brandon Marshall is either hurt or simply lost 10 steps and needs to be benched. Roby needs help big time. Von needs to be allowed to attack the QB.

Bolles needs to be benched, and our QB needs to be swapped out. Bill Musgrave needs to coach like he’s not afraid either. If we can do that, then we have a shot at turning this season around. But the catalyst needs to start at the team’s most important position: Quarterback and trickle down from there.

Again, the Cardinals signed a high money QB only to make the change when it was clear it wasn’t working. The Browns did the same. Is Vance Joseph really that scared and spineless to make last year’s mistake yet again? If he doesn’t see this team taking on water, then he needs to be the first head coach to be fired, because he’s too dense and dumb to get out of his own way. But we sank Kubiak’s last season by sticking with a loser at QB for far too long. We sank Joseph’s first season by sticking with a loser QB too long. Are we really watching him make the exact same mistake and sink his second and likely last season by sticking with a loser QB too long? If the freaking Browns and Cardinals can figure it out, then the Broncos need to be able to or we’re even worse than those two teams have been (and they’ve been baaaaaaaad).

Now onto the rankings. Remember, I’m ranking teams as they stand TODAY. Not a culmination of last year or the last decade. If they look like they are world beaters today, they’ll be ranked high regardless of what their record is. After-all, if we went by record alone, then Power Rankings wouldn’t exist!

1. Los Angeles Rams:

I still put the Rams here even though they sometimes go the distance. Like the Chiefs v Broncos, the Rams barely squeaked by a division foe. Simple as that.

2. Kansas City Chiefs:

As I thought, the Chiefs whipped up on the Jags. This team is LEGIT and yet more proof that just because you have a super young and unproven QB starting, it doesn’t mean you gave up on the season. ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION JOHN ELWAY AND VANCE JOSEPH?!?!?

3. Jacksonville Jaguars:

There’s no shame in losing to the Chiefs. Especially in Arrowhead.

4. New England Patriots:

Welcome back to the lofty perch you’ve been sitting on for the last 17 years. Once again, this team looks to start tightening their grip on the necks of their AFC East foes as they start dominating a pathetic division once again.

5. New Orleans Saints:

Drew Brees is one of the best ever. I remember always debating the “we should try to get Brees” from New Orleans talk the last few years. Hey Scotty, you always tell me “he’s too old” and “he’s declining so we should stay away”. Umm, hows that looking now? I’ll take 43 points from our QB, you wouldn’t?

6. Baltimore Ravens:

Are the Browns better than the Ravens? Maybe, but I need to see more from both sides consistently. This is why the Ravens are still here and the Browns aren’t above them.

7. Minnesota Vikings:

Stupid Eagles. That is all.

8. Chicago Bears:

Welcome back from your Bye. You moved up slightly via everyone else sucking.

9. Carolina Panthers:

Don’t look now, but they are finding their offensive groove. That can make this team really scary.

10. Green Bay Packers:

How much do you drop a team for 4 missed FG’s? They say kickers aren’t players, so I want to not really punish them. But then again, QBs are no longer players either, they’re cupcakes. But 4 missed FGs is 4 missed FGs. And a loss is a loss. Especially to Detroit.

11. Cleveland Browns:

They won a divisional game at home against the Ravens. Divisional games are always coin flips. Their defense held the Ravens to 9 points, which is amazing. Their offense only scored 12, which isn’t the best, but the Ravens are really good. If this team can keep their defense stout and their offense rounds into form, 11 will be the lowest they are the remainder of the year. See what Baker is doing? How will Chad Kelly not be that for Denver? How?

12. Pittsburgh Steelers:

You’re really messing up my “Tomlin gets fired and Elway hires him to win us some Super Bowls” strategy there Pittsburgh. So stop winning!

13. Philadelphia Eagles:

If the Eagles aren’t proof that the team that ended the year isn’t the same team that enters the new year, I just don’t know what is.

14. Cincinnati Bengals:

Congrats, you beat the Dolphins, which is no hard feat! I’ve called the Dolphins frauds all year, and they’re proving their 3-0 start was as much of a fluke as Denver’s 2-0 start.

15. Atlanta Falcons:

Attention NFL teams who are struggling: Play the Falcons, and you’ll win. What’s that movie called? With Jessica Alba? Oh yeah, “Good Luck Chuck”... where anyone who dates Dane Cook, well, the next person they date they marry. This is the Falcons. Anyone who plays them, breaks their losing streak.

16. Los Angeles Chargers:

Don’t look now, but the Chargers are trending up at 3-2.

17. Detroit Lions:

Eh, call me un-inspired.

18. Tennessee Titans:

I don’t remember who gave me crap about the Titans being ranked so low. Said to keep ranking them low so they can make me eat my words... How’s that working out for the Titans?

19. Indianapolis Colts:

These guys still have a lot of work to do. They need their offensive weapons back, and they really need to protect Andrew Luck better.

20. Washington Redskins:

I never thought I’d see the day when an NFL record was broken and it wasn’t against the Broncos. So thank you Washington for being on the wrong side of history this time.

21. Dallas Cowboys:

This is surely too high of a ranking, but everyone else isn’t really any more deserving as of yet.

22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Stay safe Tampa. That’s all. Just stay safe.

23. Seattle Seahawks:

Normally I really want to see the Seahawks lose (Never Forget 48), but I REALLY wanted to see them lose Sunday so I wouldn’t have to put the Chiefs as the best team in the NFL. Whew, thanks for dropping the ball Seattle.

24. Miami Dolphins:

See Tampa. Stay safe.

25. Houston Texans:

Nice win, now put a few more together guys!

26. Buffalo Bills:

Holy crap, am I really seeing the Bills on these rankings before I’m seeing Denver? Yep, this isn’t a typo. The Bills often times look like they don’t even know how to play football, yet here they are.

27. New York Giants:

Giants unraveling Week 5 edition. Or is it like, week 32 edition? It’s been a few year of this.

28. New York Jets:

Crowell - 219 yards rushing. Need I say more?

29. Denver Broncos:

Please, for the love of everything holy, when the Broncos are down by 20+ at halftime, can we stop this madness of trotting out Siemian Keenum and make a damn change to spark the offense and motivate the defense? Or have you really learned NOTHING from last year VJ?

30. Oakland Raiders:

Well, at least when it gets really really dark in Broncos Country, we can count on the Raiders losing.

31. Arizona Cardinals:

The only real question here is “after they surely beat the Broncos, will they still be second to last? Will the Broncos be ranked 32?”

32. San Francisco 49ers:

The prophecy has come true: #1 overall pick for the 49ers coming up.