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Broncos power rankings have slid right to the bottom of the barrel

After a blowout loss on the road, the Denver Broncos are right where they should be - near the bottom.

Denver Broncos v New York Jets Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The wheels have come off the Denver Broncos after just five weeks and now the dominant Los Angeles Rams are coming to town to likely finish burying the 2018 Broncos hopes and dreams.

For those of us who held out hope the Broncos coaching staff would correct their play-calling errors, they instead went all-in on the passing game by running the ball even less against the New York Jets. The result was a predictable blow-out road loss.

Power rankings this week reflect that despair as the Broncos continue their fall.

Mile High Report - 29th

Please, for the love of everything holy, when the Broncos are down by 20+ at halftime, can we stop this madness of trotting out Trevor Siemian Case Keenum and make a damn change to spark the offense and motivate the defense? Or have you really learned NOTHING from last year VJ?

ESPN - 21st

Rest-of-season SOS ranking: 7th. The Broncos’ toughest remaining game comes in Week 8 at the Chiefs. They currently have just a 20 percent chance to win that game, according to FPI, which is their lowest percentage since the 2011 divisional round against the Patriots. Denver had just a 6 percent chance to win that game and lost 45-10.

Sports Illustrated - 27th

Sunday against the Jets was a reminder that we’re another year removed from the Broncos’ Super Bowl defense.

SB Nation - 21st

The Broncos are also tumbling down the rankings after a 34-16 loss to the Jets that saw the Denver defense allow Isaiah Crowell to rush for 219 yards and a touchdown. Things aren’t looking good in Denver as fans are questioning both John Elway and second-year head coach Vance Joseph.

Sporting News - 18th

The Broncos are spinning out of control after a 2-0 start. Their run defense and passing offense are the biggest concerns with a ton of mistakes costing them.

Yahoo - 26th

Vance Joseph’s job security and the predictable calls for Chad Kelly to replace Case Keenum — no group loves its backup quarterback more than Broncos fans — will be the talk of Denver this week and perhaps beyond that, but in the last five quarters a once-great defense allowed Patrick Mahomes to erase a 10-point deficit and then allowed 512 yards to the Jets. The offense isn’t helping much and maybe the coach needs to go, but the collapse of a once-great defense might be the Broncos’ biggest problem.