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NFL Power Rankings: Week 11

The Saints have officially staked their claim as the NFL’s best team so far in the 2018 season.

New Orleans Saints v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

1. New Orleans Saints:

For anyone wanting to know why the Chiefs got leapfrogged by the Saints, just look at what happened, and I’m not talking 51 points. I’m talking about the TV Network calling mercy on the game and switching to an alternate game because of a blowout just after halftime. I’ve mentioned the mercy rule in here a few times, but damn, I didn’t know it would only take half a game of football for the NFL to actually do it! Oh, and Drew Brees and Michael Thomas are playing lights freaking out!

2. Kansas City Chiefs:

Make no mistake, the Chiefs still won, but dare I say that the Broncos looked like a more dominant team ON THE ROAD against the Cardinals than the Chiefs did at home?

3. Los Angeles Rams:

I knew that this game was going to be tough going in as the Seahawks always play them tough, but I didn’t anticipate it being a last second nail biter. Injuries have started to take it’s toll on the Rams. They are now down their starting Tight End and Aqib Talib isn’t expected back to practice for a few more weeks. Super Bowl teams are always great, but they are almost always incredibly lucky with respect to the injury bug. The Rams aren’t finding such luck, which might curtail their run.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers:

Holy 52 points Batman. I figured this game would be closer than it was. I guess when you have a QB throw 5 TDs, it’ll change a whole lot of expectations. This team is catching the Chiefs, and in a hurry!

5. Los Angeles Chargers:

Dominant against Oakland, but it was against Oakland. I think the Steelers are better, and until proven otherwise, I think they’ll remain just behind them. Phillip Rivers has them buzzing at 7-2 with no signs of slowing down.

6. New England Patriots:

As I’ve been hinting at all year, the Patriots’ Dynasty is coming to a close. Their door is still open, but for how much longer? Oh, and for the record? Tom Brady isn’t a WR, and his legs are the same age as mine. Mine just look better.

7. Carolina Panthers:

Well, their winning streak sure did come to a resounding halt. They’re still a really talented team, but wow, this just shows the gap that exists between a Top 4-5 team and a Top 10 team.

8. Green Bay Packers:

Aaron Jones with his career day (145 rushing yards and 2 TDs)got them the victory, and their defense sealed it home.

9. Minnesota Vikings:

I must admit, it was nice not seeing Cousins face this weekend. For that, I can’t really drop them.

10. Chicago Bears:

This team however, is about to make some major noise. Are they #1 in the division? Yes, but the last time I had them ranked higher for this, they lost. This is me hedging my bets even though I would like nothing more than to put them ahead of the Vikings and the Pack.

11. Baltimore Ravens:

The Bye came just in time for them. With John Harbaugh rumors swirling, it will be interesting to see how this team responds. What do you say Broncos Country? Should Elway pursue Harbagh if he becomes available?

12. Houston Texans:

Another Bye week team. Unlike the Ravens though, does this come at a bad time and thwart their winning ways?

13. Washington Redskins:

I’d love to see more firepower out of the offense, but when you hold a team to 3 points, you hold a team to 3 points.

14. Tennessee Titans:

Good call Trogdoor for calling this one in the comments of the Game Predictions. Nicely done. I’m officially beside myself in not only delight, but disbelief.

15. Cincinnati Bengals:

The Bengals enjoyed a rare feat in the NFL... Back to back bye weeks. Oh wait, they played? Could have fooled me.

16. Seattle Seahawks:

Nobody really expected the Seahawks to win, but I think nobody expected them to be there in the waning seconds of the game either.

17. Philadelphia Eagles:

Look, I get it, it’s a divisional game and the Cowboys play you tough. Its why you wouldn’t be dinged too harshly for barely winning AT HOME, but you didn’t. You lost! And not just the game, you lost your best CB for the year. Sorry Philly, this is likely as high as you get the rest of the year.

18. Indianapolis Colts:

Andrew Luck and the Colts are riding a three game winning streak. They still don’t wow me, but they’re getting semi-solid again. I think they should have been more active at the trade deadline personally, but hey, I don’t own that team.

19. Miami Dolphins:

Brock being Brock. Is that the narrative of this game? 213 yards and an INT. It is what it is.

20. Denver Broncos:

Here’s to hoping the coaching staff had some good self reflection and game-planned their way into being more competitive. At least on offense and overall as the head coach. I’m really liking what I see out of our defense that lost a bunch of talent this offseason, but boy oh boy does the offense need to be more aggressive.

21. Cleveland Browns:

Baker Mayfield woke up feeling “Dangerous!” I like that. I think the Browns fans do as well.

22. Atlanta Falcons:

Right when the Falcons seem to have it figured out, they lay an egg on the field. I’m so tired of the roller coaster this team is on. Consistency is what separates the good teams from the bad ones, and so far this year, they’ve had zero consistency.

23. Jacksonville Jaguars:

I guess we got the answer to last week’s question out of Jacksonville. No, no they didn’t fix their woes.

24. Detroit Lions:

There’s no shame in losing to Chicago in Chicago, but Detroit has once again settled down all nice and snug into their God given spot as the NFC North’s most lousy team.

25. Dallas Cowboys:
Hey look, they ran the ball and fed Elliott, and just look at the results! 19 runs for 151 and a TD and 6 catches for 36 yards and a TD. Hey Denver, see what they just did? How about you do that for Phillip Lindsay and/or Royce Freeman (once healthy) and you never know what good things will happen.

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Three points... At home... With their QB throwing 400 yards! How does this happen?

27. Buffalo Bills:

Apparently the next man up for the Bills was Matt Barkley. He hasn’t looked this good since he played at USC. Either that or LeSean McCoy finally has his sea legs under him.

28. New York Jets:

Umm, it was the Bills at home Jets. I’m kinda speechless.

29. Arizona Cardinals:

You played KC tough, but at no point in this game did you ever really threaten them. But you made improvement, which is what the name of the game is when you’re way down here in the basement.

30. New York Giants:

Congrats, it took everything you had to beat the Niners. Barkley sure looks like the 2nd best back in this year’s rookie class though (Phillip Lindsay). Kidding, he looks amazing.

31. San Francisco 49ers:

Keep building towards your future Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch. That’s about all you have at this moment.

32. Oakland Raiders:

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what sucking looks like. They’ll be damned if they don’t secure that #1 overall pick. Chucky knows that if you’re gonna blow something up, you blow it up right! In a lost season, why not get the highest pick possible? What will 1 or 2 extra wins really accomplish aside from screwing you out of a better draft pick? You listening Elway?