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A good Bye Week for Broncos hopes

A review of the first nine games, preview of the next seven plus, what’s wrong with Broncos ownership and what QB and coach the team should go after in the offseason.

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Editor’s Note: Mile High Report is going International with the addition of Kevin Gillikin to the staff. He is a passionate Denver Broncos fan and runs his own podcast from Germany called Broncos & Bratwurst. We’re excited to have him join our community.

A peaceful bye week has passed and we have gotten to sit back, relax and watch the Oakland Raiders continue to embarrass themselves, a kicker manage to hit the goal post four times in a game and Drew Brees establish himself as mid-season MVP. All of this of course while our Denver Broncos rested and prepared for what will likely prove to be a tougher half to the season than the one they have already struggled through.

The 3-6 record leaves each and every fan with a sour taste in their mouth and the desire for something better, something more. This fan base deserves and expects greatness and there will be unrest until things are turned around in the mile high city.

In addition to reviewing the first half, on our podcast we talk about what we expect out of the rest of the season and *spoiler alert, it’s not super hopeful*. Skipper Dude goes in depth into why ownership is in shambles and what can be done to save it and then fortunately we end on a happy note and throw out our picks for who the Broncos should go out and get to be their 2019 Head Coach and Quarterback. The bold statement of the week is that if the team goes and gets these two guys in the offseason, the Broncos will be back in playoff contention one year from now and for several years to follow.

No spoiler alert for who the two guys have to listen to the podcast.

We would love to hear your thoughts, criticisms and most importantly your praise, so be sure to comment below. Also, just want to say how awesome it is to be part of the MHR staff! Bully!

Fun times ahead Broncos fans and more than just a sliver of hope.