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John Elway: “We have a chance to beat anybody”

Elway said he goes into each season thinking they have a chance to win every game, and that hasn’t changed.

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John Elway joined Dave Logan on Orange & Blue 760 for his weekly radio interview. Among questions about the bye week, and dealing with offensive line injuries, Logan asked Elway what his expectations were for the last seven games of the season as Denver sits at 3-6 coming out of the bye.

“Every time I go into a season and look at the schedule I think that we can win every football game, so that hasn’t changed”, Elway said. “There’s been enough good things to think that if we can put it all together, and have some consistency with it, and take care of the little things that we have a chance to beat anybody.”

Elway has a point as Denver has played three games against two of the best teams in the league and lost by 4, 3, and 7 points respectively. Denver also sits at a curious -8 in point differential which is certainly better than all the other 3-6 teams this year, but also better than some 4-5, and 5-4 teams, so it seems there is something to the comments that Denver is better than their record indicates.

However, as Vance Joseph has reiterated several times, there are no moral victories in the NFL, and you can claim to be the best 3-6 team in the league all day, but you actually have to win a game at some point. Elway understands that and spoke to the fact that they need to take this one game at a time.

They’ll have another big challenge on Sunday, as I believe this upcoming game is the most difficult one left on the schedule. If Denver can come away from Los Angeles with a win against a red hot Chargers team, I think Elway’s point has even more weight.

Take a look at the rest of Denver’s schedule:

11 Nov 18 DEN @ LAC

12 Nov 25 PIT @ DEN

13 Dec 02 DEN @ CIN

14 Dec 09 DEN @ SF

15 Dec 15 CLE @ DEN

16 Dec 24 DEN @ OAK

17 Dec 30 LAC @ DEN

While the case could easily be made for Denver losing out the rest of the way, I think Denver could challenge and beat each of these teams above given the right circumstances.

The Broncos have to come out swinging on Sunday to have a chance.