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Broncos at Chargers score predictions: Not a single prediction goes Denver’s way

The Denver Broncos are likely headed to a 3-7 record as they travel to take on the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 11.

The Denver Broncos (3-6) have not won a road division game since December of 2015, but that last road win was against the Los Angeles Chargers (7-2) who were playing in a place called San Diego at the time.

Each week, the Mile High Report staff and That’s Good Sports bearded wonder Brandon Perna break down the predictions for each game. Collectively, we see another Broncos loss as the wheels continue to fall off this franchise in a 27-16 road defeat.

Here is how we predicted the final score individually for this game.

Chargers 20, Broncos 19

2018 has been a season where if the Broncos needed 28 points, they score 23 or if they need 20 points, they score 17. This week, they need 21 and score 19 in yet another loss in what has been a Vance Joseph-led tsunami of losses through two season. Joseph has a .320 winning percentage which currently stands fourth worst in Broncos history for an coach who lasted more than eight games. The three above him were the first three head coaches in its history, just to give you an idea of where Joseph belongs in the annals of orange and blue history. - Tim Lynch

Chargers 27, Broncos 13

The Broncos haven’t won a AFC West road game since Dec. 6, 2015, when they beat the Chargers 17-3 in San Diego. Denver hasn’t won a game in LA since 1987. The Broncos also have lost six of their last seven games, while Los Angeles is quietly keeping pace with the Kansas City Chiefs. Denver keeps its road misery alive on Sunday. - Ian St. Clair

Chargers 27, Broncos 16

Denver struggles on the road, and now they face a team that is rolling in the Los Angeles Chargers. With all the problems on the offensive line, and the issues with the play calling, is it conceivable in any way that the Broncos will be able to put together an offensive game plan that will lead to enough points to lead to a win? Probably not. Then defense will stand firm most of the game, but look for them to tire towards the end, and the Chargers to put the game away late. It will be close, as most of the games have been this year, but once again, the Broncos will fail to finish, and will take their 7th loss of the season. - Adam Malnati

Chargers 17, Broncos 9

The Broncos offensive line is more banged up than my backside after a day snowboarding and it doesn’t bode well for a high scoring afternoon from a squad that has been just average all year. The Denver defense is the healthiest it’s been all year though and there should be lots of pressure and some opportunity for turnovers. The spiral downward continues for a group that through 10 weeks still somehow has no identity and we will be left with another week of conversation over how high in the draft they might end up. - Kevin Gillikin

Chargers 30, Broncos 20

Denver will play another good team close, but will fail to come through in the clutch once again as the offense continues to be one of the worst in the league in 4th Q scoring, effectively ending Denver’s season.

Happy Holidays, everyone. - Jeff Essary

Chargers 24, Broncos 23

The Broncos and Chargers always play close, tough games. The Chargers are quietly one of the better teams in the entire NFL, and have only been allowing 15 points per game to their opposition during their winning streak. They are also barely behind the high powered offenses like the Chiefs and Rams.

All of this spells disaster for the Broncos, right? Not so fast. The Broncos tend to wake up for these types of games. They took the Chiefs to the brink twice, and lets face it, playing in Los Angeles isn’t the same as playing in Arrowhead. The Broncos also took the Rams to the edge, so this team can stand toe to toe with the Chargers, especially when our fans will flood the stadium and make it a pseudo-home game.

All that being said, sadly there are just too many injuries up and down the offensive line. I think the Chargers will find Keenum with ease and they’ll basically meet the running backs as they take the handoff. Any positive rushing yardage we get will be with Charger players hanging on their backs, and any passing yardage will be floating on hopes and prayers. While I think it’ll be a close game, I think the Chargers take this one. - Pete Baron

Chargers 42, Broncos 12

This has the fall of Vance Joseph written all over it. While the loss to the New York Jets was embarrassing, this one will sting even worse. Injuries, poor coaching, mistakes, and, yes, multiple penalties committed by Garrett Bolles will have Broncos fans pulling their hair out and swearing at everything orange and/or blue. The Broncos will again embrace pocket passing and ignore Philip Lindsay and the run game. Devontae Booker will dash hopes as he’s inexplicably given 3rd down carries and lose yardage.

This game will be the culmination of all the bad football the Broncos have played this year. It kills me to say it, but what evidence to the contrary is there? What you see is what you get, and I see a hungry Chargers team that senses blood in the water. - Jess Place

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