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Broncos win, jerks lose

Denver pulled off a big upset win on the road and it’s something we should be happy about with no strings attached.

For many Broncos fans it’s a joyful week where they can celebrate a good team win and hope and pray that their boys in orange and blue find some way to go on an insane run to make the playoffs after a tough start to the season. On the other hand, many people - who at least portray themselves as devout followers of the Denver club - are upset about the victory that at least delays their wishes of Vance Joseph and company getting the boot as soon as possible. This mentality isn’t suitable for a fanbase as knowledgeable and respectable as this one and it’s a bad look that should be quickly squelched by some old fashioned optimism.

There is nothing wrong with finding positive points after a loss for a team that is almost assuredly not reaching the playoffs in 2018 and it’s definitely not a problem to wish for new coaches, leadership or players on the field. These are all normal feelings and Monday morning quarterbacks have done it for decades. The point where it goes over the line is when fans get upset over a win and especially when they actively root against their team, players or coaches.

There have been few Vance Joseph apologists and there is no question that he has done plenty of things to leave everyone scratching their heads and desiring a new and fresh direction. That said, for so many to go nuts over his bad decisions and never give him credit for the good ones or feel happy for him after a victory just ends up feeling slimy for all involved. Joseph is a second year head coach who is literally learning on the job and isn’t someone who deserves unbridled dislike and especially not after a win.

In the podcast we talk about the big win in L.A, what the Broncos should aim for as a team identity and why many people need to stop being jerks, lighten up and enjoy football for what it really is...a game.