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NFL Game Predictions: Week 12

Broncos Call of Action: Do Not Sell Your Tickets To Steeler Fans!

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

I can’t believe I’m about to say this, keeping Vance Joseph next year a bad thing if you simply get a young innovative offensive coordinator to breathe some life into our squad? Our defense is doing well, and with an addition of a solid/great cornerback (Ramsey maybe), we will be elite again.

Meanwhile, our offense has all the pieces but a few, we just need better game plans and execution. Enter an innovative mind, maybe even from college. Surely Vance can stay out of his way and simply book his hotel accommodations and talk about how tall we are as a team, right?

I’m not sure I’d want any of this crop of upcoming rookie QBs, so I’m going to assume we stick with Keenum and maybe have a second- or third-round QB. But we need innovation on offense, and maybe Keenum can operate well in a college system. I mean, he is the all-time leader in the entire NCAA for passing yards in a season with over 5,000, so we know he can do it in college, maybe a truly great college mind can unlock that potential in the NFL? What do you say Broncos Country? Is that even a possibility?

Last Week: 9-4
Overall: 98-60-2

Chicago Bears (7-3) at Detroit Lions (4-6) 10:30am CBS Thanksgiving Morning
Yeah yeah yeah, “Detroit has the most Thanksgiving Day wins in NFL history.” Yawn! They still have a losing record on Thanksgiving Day. So riddle me this, why wouldn’t the Bears kick their doors in? I’m telling you right now, the Bears are the third best team in the NFC, and the Lions are the Lions again. Prediction: Bears 29, Lions 22

Washington Redskins (6-4) at Dallas Cowboys (5-5) 2:30pm FOX Thanksgiving Afternoon
Usually I would ridicule and laugh at the Cowboys, but they’re riding a two-game high (thanks to Ezekiel Elliott’s gas mask), plus Alex Smith is going to be lucky to ever play football again. I’m not convinced The Sanchize is the answer for them, even though Sanchez would have gone 13-3 with the Broncos instead of Trevor Siemian, right Scotty? Prediction: Redskins 19, Cowboys 20

Atlanta Falcons (4-6) at New Orleans Saints (9-1) 6:20 p.m. NBC Thanksgiving Night
Poor Atlanta, they’re walking into a meat grinder in New Orleans. I want a fun narrative for this game, but this is the lamb going into the slaughter house. The dome is gong to be rocking for primetime. Sure, the turkey will put the fans to sleep, but the booze will re-energize them. Prediction: Falcons 26, Saints 38

Oakland Raiders (2-8) at Baltimore Ravens (5-5) 11:00am CBS
The Raiders are so bad that they can’t even tank a season properly. Do we know who’s starting at QB for the Ravens? Is it Flacco or Jackson? Not to Harbaugh: If you value Jackson’s future, don’t have him run the ball 27 times. The odds of injury just go up and up with that stuff. Consider him not getting destroyed last week lucky. This isn’t a gameshow, you will eventually get the Whammy if you keep Pressing Your Luck. Prediction: Raiders 17, Ravens 24

Jacksonville Jaguars (3-7) at Buffalo Bills (3-7) 11:00am CBS
So Jalen Ramsey said that Josh Allen is garbage and the media is loving the drams. Ok, so let me ask you all this: Are we so desperate to manufacture drama that we give a crap about what someone in Jacksonville says about someone in Buffalo? Really? The Jags can’t even sell out a home game, yet we are suppose to care what Ramsey said? Prediction: Jaguars 18, Bills 13

Seattle Seahawks (5-5) at Carolina Panthers (6-4) 11:00am FOX
These two teams are really close to each other. I think the Seahawks are the better coached team, but the Panthers are more talented. Then again, Cam Newton still does bonehead things that he should have matured out of such as throwing off his back foot when he’s in a clean pocket. Why are you doing that? Prediction: Seahawks 25, Panthers 26

Cleveland Browns (3-6-1) at Cincinnati Bengals (5-5) 11:00am CBS
Baker Mayfield and the Browns are coming off their Bye Week, and the Bengals just let a raw rookie QB shred them up. Guess what? Mayfield is better than Lamar Jackson, and if Lamar could do it, surely Mayfield can, right? Well, assuming the Browns’ defense holds up they can. Prediction: Browns 22, Bengals 25

New England Patriots (7-3) at New York Jets (3-7) 11:00am CBS
Oh this is gonna be ugly. The Patriots off their bye week against a rookie QB? Yeah, this is gong to get real ugly, real quick, with probable garbage time scoring by the Jets. Prediction: Patriots 28, Jets 20

New York Giants (3-7) at Philadelphia Eagles (4-6) 11:00am FOX
Hand on a stack of bibles, I don’t know what team is worse. Sure, you want to say the Giants, but are they? Are they? The Eagles are broken and I’m not convinced they can beat more than a handful of teams in the league right now. Remember Lane Johnson running his mouth saying he’d “rather have fun winning one super bowl than five and be miserable” when talking about the Eagles and Patriots? You still having fun? Or are you miserable? Cause if you’re not having fun, wouldn’t you want an additional 4 rings on your fingers right now? Idiot! Prediction: Giants 22, Eagles 23

San Francisco 49ers (2-8) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-7) 11:00am FOX
Ugh, does anyone outside of their respective fan bases really care about this game? They’re two bottom feeder teams that will be picking in the Top 5 of next years draft. Prediction: Niners 23, Bucs 26

Arizona Cardinals (2-8) at Los Angeles Chargers (7-3) 2:05pm FOX
The Chargers got upset at home, and they’ll have revenge in their eyes. The Cardinals can’t even beat the Raiders, so how in the world will they score more than a handful of points against the Chargers? Plus Bosa will be even healthier and in better game shape. May God have mercy on the Cardinals’ souls. Prediction: Cardinals 9, Chargers 26

Miami Dolphins (5-5) at Indianapolis Colts (5-5) 2:25pm CBS
Reports are that Ryan Tannehill is tearing it up in practice... I mean in a good way, not his shoulder way, so this should mean good things for Miami, right? Well, it all depends on if you think you’ll get the Tannehill that can tear up the Raiders with 3TDs, or the 47.9 rating Tannehill that makes even Brock Osweiller look good. Prediction: Dolphins 20, Colts 30

Pittsburgh Steelers (7-2-1) at Denver Broncos (4-6) 2:25pm CBS
For the love of everything holy, STOP SELLING YOUR SEASON TICKETS TO STEELER FANS!!!! Prediction: Steelers 29, Broncos 24

Green Bay Packers (4-5-1) at Minnesota Vikings (5-4-1) 6:20pm NBC SNF
I really want to say the Packers will beat the Vikings in Minnesota, but they are a mess right now, and they have a losing record, which means that even Kirk Cousins can beat them. This doesn’t sit well for Mike McCarthy in his bid to retain his job. Prediction: Packers 24, Vikings 25

Tennessee Titans (5-5) at Houston Texans (7-3) 6:15pm ESPN MNF
What to write, what to write... The Texans are good and the Titans are not. In other news, water is wet and fire is hot. Ice cubes hurt and we will leave it at that. Prediction: Titans 17, Texans 24

Bye Week: Los Angeles Rams, Kansas City Chiefs