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Steelers at Broncos score predictions: Don’t sleep on Denver

The Denver Broncos could spoil another win streak this week against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Denver Broncos will be looking to snap another six-game winning streak this week after ending one for the Los Angeles Chargers last week. The Pittsburgh Steelers looked to be on the ropes in Jacksonville last week, but mounted an improbable comeback for the win.

It’s going to be a dogfight for the Broncos, but they have this odd tendency to hang around in tough games against playoff contenders.

As a group, we’re kind of seeing the light in this football team as they have turned close losses into a close win. We predict the Broncos will come out on top 28-25 over the Steelers this week.

Here is how we predicted the game to go individually.

Broncos 31, Steelers 20

Don’t let the score fool you. I see a close game with Ben Roethlisberger driving late when the defense comes up with the big play that turns into a late touchdown to seal victory for the Broncos. I’m thinking a Chris Harris Jr. pick six or a Von Miller strip sack of some sort. You know, things that make you go WOOOO! - Tim Lynch

Broncos 23, Steelers 18

I must have lost my mind, but I have found some confidence in the Denver Broncos. They showed the ability to slow down a high-powered offense when they held the Chargers in check. The defense has been solid all season against some of the best offenses in the NFL (think Rams and Chiefs). Now the Steelers come to Denver, and I fully expect them to continue their success against top ranked offenses. The only concern is Antonio Brown, who is not afraid of Chris Harris Jr. If the offense can put up some points, and control the clock, the defense should have the same rate of success against Pittsburgh.

I’m as shocked as you are. - Adam Malnati

Steelers 31, Broncos 24

I sure want to believe. I do have some hope for this team...they fight hard in every game. I just think Pittsburgh is going to be too much for them to handle. Too many weapons along with a legitimate NFL QB are going to be too many points for the Broncos to keep up with their anemic offense. The biggest problem is going to be weak secondary play from the Broncos. - Sadaraine

Steelers 24, Broncos 23

I think this game will go exactly like the home game against the Chiefs and Rams went. I think the Broncos hold the Steelers high powered offense at bay, and I think the Broncos will have two or three opportunities to capture momentum and find a way to capture the lead in this game. However, I think that like with the Chiefs and Rams, the Broncos offense will be incapable of scoring and putting the final nail in the coffin. It’ll be a close game and the fans will come away with the sentiment of “yeah, but if we hit this one play....” the only problem is that like in 4-5 losses this year already, we simply aren’t good enough to hit that one play and the Broncos fail to win at home. - Pete Baron

Broncos 27, Steelers 24

Is this the same old Broncos or will we see a run for the playoffs? Since the surprise win over the Chargers, I’ve been torn. It is just one win and one that is incredibly lucky. For Denver to make the playoff discussion serious, it will have to do so in spite of Vance Joseph and his incompetent staff. Is there another Tim Tebow-esque miracle in this team? How fitting is it the Broncos face Pittsburgh? - Ian St. Clair

Steelers 31, Broncos 24

I think Denver did some good things last week, but were helped by the Chargers continually shooting themselves in the foot via penalty. I think Denver makes it a tough game, but ultimately succumbs to the Steelers superior offense. - Jeff Essary

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