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Case Keenum: there’s a “hunger” in the locker room after Sunday’s win.

The Broncos locker room has “even more hunger” now that they are seeing their hard work pay off.

The Denver Broncos quarterback joined Orange and Blue 760 today to talk last week’s win, as well as the upcoming game against the Bengals.

While Keenum wasn’t quite as rote as a Bill Belichick, he did express that while Sunday’s win was great, they are already “on to Cincinnati”. He stressed the importance of continuing to take it one game at a time, show up to work everyday and keep working hard like they have been all season.

However, Keenum did say, when asked about how the locker room feels after two big wins, that the players feel “even more hunger” now that they are finally seeing some fruits from their labor.

“If anything I think there’s even more hunger,” Keenum said, “there’s guys even more ready to come into work and grind out those tough practices that win you ball games, that put in the deposits that you can take out towards the end of the season. So I think in that sense there’s a different feel, but man it’s still that one game at a time mentality.”

I think we can definitely relate as fans, as we’ve said before, it makes it fun again to be winning games and have a tangible goal of the playoffs to work towards, as opposed to almost packing it in midway through the season that we have felt the last two years.

It has to be satisfying to the players to finally begin to see all their hard work translate into wins on the field. They have a great opportunity this coming Sunday to keep it going if they follow Keenum’s lead of “one game at a time”.