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All I want for Christmas is a VJ extension

The team has met or even exceeded expectations and Elway’s drafting failures should not fall on Joseph’s shoulders.

Waking up and watching a recording of this game on Monday morning was something akin to preparing a meal the night before and while you can barely sleep from the excitement of the coming feast, it turns out to taste like someone mistook your cereal bowl for a toilet.

As the first half progressed I wondered why I had awoken earlier than necessary and why on earth I had put any trust or hope into this team. This 2018 Denver Broncos club which had not earned high expectations either before or during the first half of the season, had somehow wiggled its way into my heart. And as I cried into my aforementioned cheerios, I was reminded just why I set myself up for heartbreak. Why I Kali ma’d myself and left my blood pumping organ open to the harsh elements and to the near certainty of my beloved team ripping it out and dropping it into a boiling pot of tears:

I’m a fan.

I’m not a soulless monster that can bury my emotions and logically look at this team after three-straight wins and say, “this team is barely good enough to have a .500 record and no way good enough to make the playoffs.” My emotions ride the waves from unbridled, reckless joy to irrational anger and denial and I am not ashamed of that fact. Until I get the call from the Denver Broncos to be the lead writer for (a move that I am sure is only days away), it won’t bother me for one minute to overreact each and every week to whatever happens on/off the field.

All of that said, I believe that Vance Joseph should keep his job this season and at the very least be the head coach for 2019. We have to keep in mind that he has had to deal with a team with below average depth, a below average QB, a below average secondary, a below average O-line and bad ownership yet his team should finish with at least an 8-8 record. There’s no reason to suggest that he hasn’t learned on the job or that he isn’t progressing as a coach and the fact that 99% of the fans blame every mistake on the head coach doesn’t mean he’s earned the boot out the door.

John Elway needs to eat some humble pie, admit that the lack of talent is his fault and give Joseph a few more years and a lot more talent to prove that he’s the guy who deserves to be the coach for our beloved Denver Broncos.

Am I wrong?

I invite you cordially to overreact with me in the comments and tell me just how you feel about our Denver Broncos.


Vance Joseph should....

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