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Broncos are on a road to nowhere

The Denver Broncos are an organization in total meltdown.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

I’m probably now known as the MHR guy who took a stance to defend one of the most disliked people in Denver Broncos history - and trust me, I heard about it all week. I even received hate mail last week for the first time ever, but it didn’t make me second guess for one second what I wrote.

I fully realize that the Broncos are a disaster from top to bottom and the head coach is part of the problem, but I still firmly believe that he is not the only problem. The vitriol and disdain are simply too much for a second-year guy whose team improved from its first-year dumpster fire. Though he has made many mistakes and some that are hard to defend, he deserves more time to warm up to his role and to have one more chance with a healthier and more talent-filled team.

At least I believed all of that until Vance Joseph and the Broncos found a way to lose to the Cleveland Browns for the first time since the early 1990s.

Even I, “defender of Vance”, can’t argue my way into him keeping his job following the end of this season. Losing two games in a row to two of the worst teams in football with just as many injuries and roster deficiencies as you, is completely inexcusable. Joseph must go, but the basis for my argument remains as strong as it was last week. This team has far more issues than just a young, inexperienced and occasionally clueless coach.

This once proud franchise currently has a slap-fight between family members upset that their great man of a father/brother/husband didn’t sign the team over to them but rather to what is seemingly a group of greedy, non-football minded people. CEO Joe Ellis and GM John Elway are apparently at odds over the direction of the team and have chosen their private media men and women to try and salvage their own reputations as their team sinks like the freakin Titanic. As the CEO and GM trade barbs, their chosen head coach throws his own players under the bus. The players then throw their coaches under yet another big yellow automobile, and the fans throw the coach under yet another oncoming vehicle.

This is a team that is at all levels, lacking accountability and is in every corner of the organization, selfish.

Sure, some of the players take the blame for what has gone wrong but there have been several reports from inside the locker room that their teammates were laughing at them while they made their politically correct statements. So, though some of the players may genuinely take responsibility, it’s difficult to find any that are seriously willing to look themselves in the mirror and say, “this one is one me”.

When you have such deep rooted, cultural issues as a company and as a group of men, there are only two ways to fix it and again find the selfless, winning attitude that Mr Bowlen brought to the Denver Broncos for so many years. Start from scratch and/or find a kick-ass leader.

As of now the team as a whole has likely screwed up any chances of getting a top coaching prospect in 2019. The environment is not one that anyone will want to be part of and we should ask ourselves if there will actually be an option better than Vance Joseph. Since we can say for a fact that coaches are more willing to take the job in Cleveland than in Denver, we may as well admit that this is a team on the road to nowhere - and that’s a place quality coaches do not want to go.

Should Elway, Ellis and everyone else involved in the higher echelons of this team get the boot along with Joseph and his staff?

Should the players take more blame and work harder rather than quit on coaches they dislike?

Should fans own up to their mistakes and understand that differing opinions don’t deserve your hate?

Skipper Dude and I will discuss these questions and much more on the “Broncos & Bratwurst” podcast that you’ll find at the top of this post!


Who is most to blame for the 2018 failure?

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    Vance Joseph/coaching staff
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    John Elway/front office
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    Joe Ellis/ownership
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    Case Keenum/players
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