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NFL Power Rankings: Week 16

There’s a new team at the top, but unfortunately not the bottom.

Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

1. New Orleans Saints:

The teams at the top all year seem to be struggling as December hits its midpoint. The Saints are still winning, but just barely. Thankfully they have a dome to play in during the playoffs, and with their home crowd and voodoo, that should be enough.

2. Los Angeles Rams:

What is going on with this team? Have they been figured out? Are they just slumping? Can they get their footing back? I’d have thought with Talib back, they’d be better, not worse.

3. Houston Texans:

Here it is, this week’s big riser. They have a dynamic offense and a dynamic defense. That’s usually a recipe for success come January.

4. Los Angeles Chargers:

With much respect to the Chargers fans (all three of you), I think the Texans are simply better all around. You beat the Chiefs in Arrowhead in December, which is no small feat, but it’s a divisional game which means it’s a coin flip anyways. Although I trust Phillip Rivers, I trust the Texans as a whole more.

5. Kansas City Chiefs:

Patrick Mahomes is legit and will terrorize the AFC for the next 15 years, but something isn’t right in KC. I really thought this team would be immune to their late season collapse, but the losses (at home even) are mounting and the rumblings and confidence in this team is waning. Are we beginning to see the yearly collapse of a ‘Regular Season’ juggernaut?

6. Chicago Bears:

Again, the Bears are legit. I think each time I rank these teams and mention that they are the 3rd best team in the NFC, people always scoff and laugh and roll their eyes at me. And low and behold, here they are, back as the 3rd best NFC team. Their defense is legit, and their offense can bring it. They may not be as explosive as the Saints and Rams, but they are the team that the saying “any given Sunday” applies to. Can this team march into any stadium and win? Yes! But they can also lose.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers:

Their last AFC hurdle was just cleared. Now to see what they have when the go to New Orleans.

8. Baltimore Ravens:

The Ravens’ defense is elite, and the NFL hasn’t quite figured out how to stop their young signal caller yet. For now, that’s good enough.

9. Indianapolis Colts:

Who saw that ass whooping against the Cowboys coming? I don’t even think Andrew Luck’s mom saw that coming.

10. New England Patriots:

This team has looked to be in decline since week 1, and when they are typically dominating December, this year they are 0-2. That’s a scary thing for the Patriots as the “decline” keeps on rolling.

11. Dallas Cowboys:

You guys don’t deserve to be up here after laying an egg in Indy. I mean, even the Cardinals can score against the Colts. Hell, even the damn Broncos could score against the Colts... Well, maybe.

12. Cleveland Browns:

Baker is exactly what the Browns’ franchise needed. He took his team into Denver and showed John Elway what a real “leader of men” looks like.

13. Seattle Seahawks:

They’re a playoff team and rounding into form. I’m not sure who wants to play them at this point.

14. Miami Dolphins:

I predicted them losing to the Vikings because I don’t consider them a winning team even though they have a winning record. I will take Adam Gase as the next Broncos head coach if he’s let go though.

15. Tennessee Titans:

You deserve some credit for shutting out the red hot Giants. I can’t believe I used “red hot” to describe the Giants. Anyways, you shut them out and mathematically eliminated the Denver Broncos.

16. Minnesota Vikings:

The only reason you beat the Dolphins is because they are a losing team that just so happens to barely have a winning record. Or I should say a “non-losing” record, because the Dolphins have nothing to do with being winners.

17. Philadelphia Eagles:

Will Nick Foles catch fire late in the year like he did last season? And if he did, does it even matter?

18. Carolina Panthers:

Six losses in a row. They have the talent, but something just isn’t healthy going on over there.

19. Green Bay Packers:

With this loss, the Packers gave the division to the Bears. I’m not sure I’ve seen such an awful team have such an awful record with such an elite QB. Peyton Manning would have this being a 10 win team, because we’ve seen him with much worse do much better. Which I think should end the “Rodgers is the best ever” talk right there.

20. Atlanta Falcons:

Life’s all good when you get to play the Cardinals.

21. Detroit Lions:

You lose to the Bills, you drop.

22. Washington Redskins:

I’m still not sure how you won a game, but hey, Jacksonville is sometimes the medicine it takes to cure what ails you.

23. Jacksonville Jaguars:

I do love seeing such arrogant players lose so badly. Could we see Malik Jackson back in Denver? It might cost us Derek Wolfe. Are you down?

24. Cincinnati Bengals:

Sure they won, but look who they beat. Lets not pound our chests just yet.

25. New York Giants:

That was an amazing tank job... just the way they were suppose to do week after week after week all year. Too little too late guys. You screwed your draft up already.

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

They ran into an elite defense. I guess they can’t score against everyone.

27. New York Jets:

You played admirably against one of the hottest teams in the NFL, plus you still have an amazing draft pick staring you in the face. Does anyone else get the theme here with these low level teams? It’s all about the draft and offseason already.

28. Buffalo Bills:

Every once in a while, the Bills look like they can actually play football. It isn’t often or very consistently, but it’s a foundation for the future.

29. Oakland Raiders:

The Raiders are so bad that even Oakland wants them out of their city a year early, and that says something!

30. San Francisco 49ers:

You know when we talk “the Broncos could have had Kyle Shanahan” and everyone says “yeah, but what has he done?” Well, he just beat a hot Seattle team with a QB who admits that he has no business being in the NFL. When you can get that production out of that player, it speaks volumes as to how great of a coach he really is.

31. Arizona Cardinals:

Be lucky the Broncos suck even worse than you Cardinals.

32. Denver Broncos:

And Boom went the dynamite that extinguished the dumpster fire that is the Denver Broncos. Unfortunately, it’s because it blew that dumpster up and spread that toxic waste all over the franchise and city! I use to be on the fence about keeping Vance Joseph, but no more. He seems as clueless as ever with no actual coaching improvement to build upon. And now all the reports of Mike Shanahan coming back last year just makes this franchise look as bad as any joke said about the Browns, Lions, and Raiders! “We aren’t the Raiders! We aren’t the Browns!” is what will be said. You’re right, we aren’t! They’re actually so far ahead of us that we can barely see them! What coach will want to be here after this? They better bring back Mike Shanahan, because he’s likely the only one who will take the damn job!