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John Elway has enjoyed seeing the 2018 rookie class grow into their roles

The Denver Broncos have had a disappointing season, but the lone bright spot has been their 2018 NFL Draft class.

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John Elway chatted with Ryan Edwards, Andrew Mason, and Steve Atwater on First and 10 at 10 on Orange & Blue 760 on Tuesday. They talked about the team and the future.

A big part of that centered around the Denver Broncos 2018 rookie class and how successful it has been. He noted that the defensive side of the ball is a bit stacked in next years’ draft, which is an exciting admission considering the teams need at quarterback. If you have a future star on defense sitting in front you, you take him as Elway did with Bradley Chubb last season.

He went on to talk about quarterbacks and the challenges they face in the NFL. It was a good interview, that mostly avoided the biggest story of the week regarding Mike Shanahan. It was a good interview nonetheless.