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At what point this season did you lose confidence in the Denver Broncos?

It’s been a trying year that quickly saw things unravel for the Denver Broncos. At 6-8, just 9% of fans polled remain confident in the direction of the team.

The complete lack of confidence in the Denver Broncos is something you could just sense from all of us on the Something Something Broncos podcast when discussing the teams failures against the Cleveland Browns and the upcoming road contest against the Oakland Raiders. The disappointment is palpable everywhere.

In other latest FanPulse survey, just 9% of fans remain confident in the team (Like how?!?), but collectively we’re still predicting a slight 1 point win over the Raiders on Monday Night Football. This marks the fifth week where confidence has slipped into the single digits and only three other fan bases are down on their team more than we are.

Which brings me to my next question. When did you lose all hope this team could turn the corner under Vance Joseph’s leadership?

For me, it actually happened twice. The first time this season was in their 19-17 loss to the Houston Texans that one could argue Joseph single-handedly lost all on his own through some questionable decisions. But then they came out and beat the Los Angeles Chargers and Pittsburgh Steelers in back-to-back weeks and confidence was on its way to being restored.

Then Joseph struck again in the Browns game. As a coach competing with Lou Saban in terms of winning percentage in Denver, Joseph didn’t even go for half a loaf in that game. He went for no loaf.

We’ve got two more weeks, Broncos Country. Then we’ll get to see what John Elway’s plan is to repair this franchise from their first back-to-back losing season since 1971 under, you guessed it, Lou Saban. I know they could win out and avoid this distinction, but how many of you are actually confident that is going to happen?