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Report: John Harbaugh will return to the Ravens in 2019

We can cross one name off the Broncos Head Coaching wish list.

Oakland Raiders v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

With reports that Head Coach Vance Joseph will enter the 2019 year fired by the Broncos, many started connecting dots about who may be the next Broncos Head Coach. One popular name who was likely near the top of many was current Baltimore Ravens Head Coach, John Harbaugh. There were multiple reports/whispers/and rumors that he was out as the Ravens Head Coach at the end of the year and that he was the Broncos top target to replace Vance Joseph.

Well, the Ravens pulled the rug under the Broncos(and likely every other team looking for a new Head Coach) by announcing on Friday that Harbaugh WOULD return to the Ravens in 2019 and that they are working towards an extension.

The rumors of a Harbaugh at Head Coach and Gary Kubiak returning to the sideline as Offensive Coordinator are now dead in the water.

Bah Humbug.

This leaves the Broncos without a clear front runner(at least publicly) for their likely soon to be vacant Head Coaching position.

The next big question will be is what kind of coach will they be looking for? An established veteran coach like say Mike McCarthy? How about a defensive minded and intense coach like Jim Schwartz? Or will they look to replicate the offensive minded wave that has hit the NFL and try to find the next McVay, Nagy, Reich, and so on? That’s what I believe they may do, especially with reports of Broncos GM John Elway reportedly taking a “special interest” in college-like offenses.

Unfortunately, Harbaugh likely would have been the best(and probably safest) of the group, but that dream as I said earlier is now dead and gone.

Thanks a lot, Lamar Jackson.