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Broncos fans actually voted for a loss against Raiders

2400 votes is a large enough sample size to make you go, huh? 51% of Denver Broncos fans are hoping they lose to the Oakland Raiders this week.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Why, Broncos Country, why?

You never should hope for a Denver Broncos loss to the hated arch rival Oakland Raiders. However, a Twitter poll I ran this week to test the waters of the fan base left me floored.

I expected a good chunk of fans to be in the “F IT” mode of another meaningless season, but not a 51%-of-2400-people chunk.

Then again, I’m also with the 51% as I defended on the Something, Something Broncos podcast with Jess and Laurie this week. It’s not easy taking a losing approach in order to win later on, but I’m going full 6-10 mode. Embracing it, even.

As a fan who grew up in Northern California facing the daily harassment and ridicule of that Raider Nation fan base, there is no team I loathe more. As such, I want my team to hurt their organization in any way it can.

The only way to accomplish that mission in 2018 is to lose, unfortunately. Screw them out of a Top 3 pick while helping Denver into a possible Top 10 pick. That’s how I want the Broncos to get back at the Raiders in 2018.

Is it petty? Sure. I have no problem admitting I’m feeling petty this season.

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