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Still Thankful for the Denver Broncos

It’s the time of joy and happiness so let’s give thanks for the good moments from this season and the great potential of the next.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all a very happy New Year as we head into 2019 and a fresh start for us, our families and our sports teams. My wish for you all is full health, contentment with all you have and joy in even the worst of circumstances.

Though this Bronco’s 2018 season has been one of the worst of circumstances and has brought pain and suffering to many, Skipper Dude and I want to bring the focus back to the positive things that have happened and what we have to look forward to in 2019. It’s a shorter podcast due to the holidays but hopefully it’s still enjoyable and doesn’t bring me as much heat as some of my past posts on Mile High Report.

In my podcast I explain how grateful I am to be part of the team on this site which is second to none in football coverage. I am a very small part of an unbelievable group of writers and podcasters who have forgotten more about football than I will ever know. Though we don’t always see eye to eye, I’m blessed to have the chance to voice my crazy opinions on such a great platform!

I appreciate all those who read my posts here and who listen to Broncos & Bratwurst and I know for a fact that you can’t find a smarter community of sports fans anywhere on the world wide web.

I hope all the fans can forgive Vance Joseph in this season of joy and happiness and root for the best for his future. He was a young coach put in a position that ended up being too much for him. He never intended to fail or to bring anything but success to this franchise and we should wish him well as a human being who is about to lose his job and source of income shortly after the holiday season.

Though this team was an overall failure in 2018, there are still many bright spots and fond memories:

The 2-0 start that had us all believing that this team had found it’s feet. Phillip Lindsay bursting onto the scene and quickly becoming the best story in the NFL and the face (and hair) of this great franchise. The three-game win streak that brought us to the edge of our seats with every play and that gave us the hope of making the playoffs. The youngsters from the 2018 draft class that had a huge impact on the season and are a foundation on which to build a great team.

There are plenty more and hopefully as the year ends and many things change for this organization, we soon feel that familiar excitement and that pleasant feeling of unabashed enthusiasm for the team that we all love, the Denver Broncos.


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