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Do the Denver Broncos owe it to the NFL to play their best players in Week 17?

There is an argument to get some playing time for their young, inexperienced players some playing time in a meaningless game. Mike Klis of 9News disagrees.

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Ryan Edwards on First and 10 at 10 on Orange & Blue 760 asked Mike Klis of 9News on Thursday whether or not the Denver Broncos should get some playing time in for their young, inexperienced players in Week 17 against the Los Angeles Chargers.

Klis noted some of the young players that could get playing time, but went on a rant about Denver owing it to the rest of the NFL to play their best players to ensure the integrity of the playoffs are upheld.

Like, what? Is this guy serious?

Screw the damn Kansas City Chiefs seeding and the rest of them. I care about the Denver MFing Broncos and what is best for this franchise. A win would be nice, but they owe it to themselves to get some good looks in live game action of the entire roster so they can go into the 2019 free agency and NFL Draft with the best idea of where their needs are.

This fan won’t be shedding any tears over how the Broncos could negatively impact some other team.