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Shaquil Barrett wants to be a starter in the NFL

The Denver Broncos will likely see the last of Shaquil Barrett in an orange uniform in Week 17.

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The Denver Broncos have been incredibly fortunate to have a very deep roster at the edge position and Shaquil Barrett has been a huge reason for that. On the Crockett and Stout Show on Orange and Blue 760 on Wednesday, he shared some revealing details about his future in Denver and in the NFL.

“I want to be a starter,” Barrett said. “Yeah, like you said, there’s no position for me on the roster with Von and Chubb right there. So, I mean, if you put two and two together and it’s looking like that, but you never know what could happen in the future.”

If he stays in Denver, Barrett will absolutely remain behind future Hall of Famer Von Miller and rising star Bradley Chubb on the depth chart. As he looks at his career and what he wants to achieve for himself, it sure sounds like Barrett will take the route David Bruton took to get a chance to prove his can be a starter in the NFL.

“I would love to be here,” Barrett added. “I would never want to leave Denver. Like I don’t want to leave Denver. But there’s a possibility. I’ve been patient but it looks more realistic day in and day out.”

No matter what happens in March, this fan will always view Shaq Barrett with fondness and admiration. I loved that Bruton went on to pursue his dream of starting and I’d love to see Barrett go out and get the same opportunity.

He could still end up coming back, because the Broncos would obviously love to keep the depth at this key position strong, but as Barrett noted at the end of this series of questions when asked if Sunday could be his last game in a Broncos uniform, “I want to be back here, but it’s not looking likely.”

It’s been a good run in Denver and he has already proven to most Broncos fans that he can start in this league. I’ll personally continue to root for him elsewhere.