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All signs currently point to Gary Kubiak being the Broncos Offensive Coordinator

Time to connect the dots.

Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The Broncos first and potentially the only wave of coaching interview requests were reported today. Many expected the Broncos to be looking at some bright offensive minds to hopefully find their own McVay. However, the Broncos have decided to go a different a more familiar route this time around.

They have three known requests and interviews with coaching candidates right now. They have received permission to interview Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line coach Mike Munchak and Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio. As of tonight, the Broncos were still waiting for word if they could interview New England Patriots defensive coordinator Brian Flores. However, none of these three really scream innovative offensive mind.

Fangio is the mastermind behind the leagues best defense, Munchak is arguably the best offensive line coach in the game and is known for his teaching and leadership, and Flores is another defensive minded guy. So all three of these coaches would likely need a strong offensive coordinator to run that side of the ball.

Well, the Broncos conveniently have a former Super Bowl winning Head Coach/OC in their Front Office who has expressed the desire to return to the sideline as an offensive coordinator. That coach obviously is Gary Kubiak.

Well, all signs point to the Broncos hiring a defensive minded/leader at Head Coach with Kubiak at offensive coordinator.

It just makes sense.

The Broncos want to improve on the offensive side of the ball but have yet set up any interviews with Eric Bieniemy, Zac Taylor, Kris Richard, Matt LaFleur, and so on.

It’s almost like they have their OC ready and waiting.

Denver Broncos General Manager John Elway was asked about the possibility of Kubiak heading back to the sideline, and he didn’t deny these rumors.

“Again, we’re two hours removed from [relieving Joseph of his duties], so everything is very much still up in the air as far as that. But it’s a possibility. His name’s been floating out there, so yeah, there’s a possibility Gary will coach again.”

Elway continued and said “Gary will be around” despite there being reports that the Falcons have interest in Kubiak as their OC.

“We’ll see. We’re still in that process. We still have a lot of things to go over before that, but I think it could be where it is, it could be on the offensive side [coaching]. We’ll see what that role may be, but Gary will be around.”

To me, it sounds like they have had this plan in place for a while no matter if Vance Joseph was fired or not.

Elway’s interest in college-style offenses has also been well reported and it’s possible that he and Kubiak studied that together and came up with an updated system with those elements added. That’s just speculation, but connecting all the dots has me coming to this conclusion currently.

What do you think Broncos Country? Do you think Gary Kubiak will return to the sideline for the Broncos in 2019?