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Phillip Lindsay is NOT the Face of this team

He’s just way too sexy for the way this team wins.

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The local kid is going to get more media attention in the next few weeks than we have seen since Tim Tebow, and he deserves every bit of it. The guy is an incredible talent and will be a big part of the Denver Broncos future. In the coming years it’s almost a sure bet that he will be who the team tries to build its image around. His toughness and charisma and his underdog mentality are what this team should try to become. They should build around their run game and try to win like they did in the glory years of the late 1990s — with players who are angry because they are low draft picks — or undrafted free agents — and with an all-time great rushing attack.

All of that said, we aren’t talking about the future today. We are talking about the 2018 team that just might have a chance to sneak into the playoffs and shock the world - and especially Denver fans. This is a team that is so unsexy it’s like Mrs. Doubtfire and Jabba the Hutt had a baby that somehow found a way to succeed despite looking like an unpolished turd.

I love when my team wins and a win is a win is a win, but boy oh boy our Broncos have a way of making it as ugly as possible (except you, Phillip gorgeous hair Lindsay). Case Keenum was 12 of 21 for goodness sake, and there were more penalties and injuries than in a Spanish soccer game. But at the final whistle, the score was well in favor of the good guys and that’s all that matters.

It got me to wondering about the face of the team and the identity that is slowly taking shape in what promises to be a crazy final four weeks in the NFL, and I finally landed on who is actually the poster child:

Shelby Harris.

The big man who has overcome great odds as a seventh-round pick by the Raiders (poor guy) to become one of the team’s key weapons on defense. He has made game-changing plays in each of the last two weeks and has been consistently awesome as a run-stuffing and pass-rushing DT. And I mean absolutely no offense to the guy - who just had a beautiful little baby girl with his wife - but he’s not what we would call sexy in football terms. He’s a big, lumbering lineman who makes an impact by getting down and dirty and being nasty in a pile of 300-pound men.

He’s a guy who has finally found a spot on a team and an identity as a player who just works his butt off to make things happen. It may not be pretty and I doubt he could pop up off the ground as quickly as the star rookie running back but the dude gets it done. That is who this team is right now. Not sexy, almost never favorites, not particularly loved or noticed by anyone but the job gets done and every now and then we see a moment of brilliance.

This team isn’t the sexy, quick, high-powered group that strikes fear into the hearts of opponents. It is, however, a group of players who are underrated, under-appreciated and working their tails off to prove to the world and their fans that they are for real and they’re here to stay.

This is an ugly team and Denver Broncos fans need to embrace it and get excited about our very own Jabba Doubtfire that kicks ass.

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Who is the face of the 2018 Broncos?

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    Phillip Lindsay
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  • 5%
    Shelby Harris
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  • 2%
    Case Keenum
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  • 50%
    Von Miller
    (909 votes)
  • 1%
    Other - given in comments
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