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NFL Power Rankings: Week 14

The Denver Broncos are officially back in the Playoff Hunt!

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1. Los Angeles Rams:

The Rams have Aqib Talib activated and they are winning still. Welcome back to the #1 spot.

2. New Orleans Saints:

You had your chances Saints, but you blew it. I’m not sure how you looked so inept out there in Dallas, but you did. You played better teams and won, so what happened? Was the win streak just too long at that point?

3. Kansas City Chiefs:

You let the Raiders hang with you. You might want to shore that defense up some as the playoffs loom large.

4. New England Patriots:

Same team, same results. Picking them to beat a QB led team that can’t beat a .500 or better team was easy pickings.

5. Houston Texans:

I believe the Texans currently own the longest winning streak in the NFL at 9 now that the Saints lost.

6. Baltimore Ravens:

I’m no statistician, but 3-0 is undefeated, and that’s what Lamar Jackson is. I’m not sure I put Flacco back in there even when he is able to go.

7. Los Angeles Chargers:

Well, you came back in Pittsburgh to win, even if it took an injury and horrible officiating to do it.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers:

Let the free fall begin. The Steelers could end up out of the playoffs and Denver in the playoffs if they aren’t careful. They have the Patriots and Saints to deal with.

9. Denver Broncos:

I keep saying “feed Lindsay the ball” and everyone keeps B’ing and Moaning “he’ll wear out” or “he’s too small” or “(insert whatever moronic 80’s and 90’s mentality that gets said)” Look, this isn’t the 80’s and 90’s. The NFL is damn near college anymore. Hell, gameday is practically mini-camp but with a different team each week. Contact is being penalized out of the league, so why in the hell do you think Lindsay will wear out? He didn’t wear out in college. He didn’t wear out in training camp. Why is he wearing out now? Even Lindsay himself said he’s not wearing out and doesn’t believe in the rookie wall because he takes care of himself and is hungry. The defense calls him a pitbull and says he’s powerful. Look, the dude is a bell-cow running back. You all are trying to pigeon hole him into this little scat back who is one dimensional and can’t hack it as a primary back. And each and every week he makes you bite the soap. What more does the kid have to do for you to see that the NFL isn’t the “beat the snot out of the running back” league anymore? It just isn’t. Do you really think he’ll be worn down from running practically untouched 65 yards? Do you think he’ll get worn down from hitting holes with authority and running out of bounds 15 yards later? C’mon, you’re smarter than that, all of you. The NFL isn’t played like it use to anymore, so it’s time to get that old ass mentality out of your feeble brains. You can’t call for more dynamic coaching and offensive play calling if you yourself are still stuck in the past. That makes you a hypocrite and makes me honestly believe that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Lindsay isn’t slowing down, and it’s no surprise that his most impressive game was the game we just saw him being use the most in. He’s a true RB1 and he is the true Rookie of the Year if you ask me!

10. Dallas Cowboys:

What can I say? You laid it to the Saints good. Feeding the ball to your most dynamic playmakers works.

11. Seattle Seahawks:

My goodness you thumped the 9ers good. But it’s the Niners, so... take it with a big ‘ol grain of salt.

12. Chicago Bears:

The Giants? The freaking Giants are what did you in? Paper Champion much?

13. Indianapolis Colts:

You got waxed by the Jags. Zero points is one hell of a feat with Andrew Luck as your QB.

14. Minnesota Vikings:

hahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahaha And the streak of Cousins being an absolute inept, overhyped, overpaid, loser continue. This was the easiest game of the week to predict. If Cousins goes against a winning team, he loses. Why? Because he’s a loser! How’s that fancy QB working for you Minny? You were better off last year with Keenum. Suck it!

15. Philadelphia Eagles:
The rollercoaster ride of the Eagles continue. Why do I have you this high? You don’t deserve it.

16. Miami Dolphins:

Out of all the 6-6 teams in the NFL, I trust this one the least.

17. Carolina Panthers:

Three game skid. You went from possible division champs to just about out of the playoff hunt.

18. Cleveland Browns:

The Browns are no easy out, and their young QB is likely leading the Offensive Rookie of the Year, even though it should go to Phillip Lindsay.

19. Jacksonville Jaguars:

You blanked Andrew Luck. That’s no small feat. That’s impressive. So now back it up and do good again.

20. Tennessee Titans:

There’s just something about the Titans that I don’t like. Maybe it’s barely beating the Jets at home, I don’t know. But they are so up and down and unimpressive that each week I scratch my head and wonder what to do with them.

21. Washington Redskins:

Say what you want, but this team has a lot of fight in them.

22. Cincinnati Bengals:

Are the Bengals officially eliminated from the playoffs yet? Listen Cincy, you have one more good game in you, and one more win in you. Make it against the Steelers, your division foe.

23. Detroit Lions:

You got waxed by the Rams... it happens. Besides, you got more important things to worry about than winning games, like googling “what do do in the winter in Detroit?” and then wade through all the r/2meirl4meirl memes.

24. Atlanta Falcons:

I love how predictable the 2018 Falcons are... just keep assuming they’ll lose with a few wins sprinkled in there, and you have a recipe for how to rank them.

25. Green Bay Packers:

This team is an official shit show. How you can be so pathetic with Aaron Rogers as your QB is beyond me. I think he’s checked out or much more hurt than he lets on. But something ain’t right in Green Bay. And now you need a new head coach. You got your wish Aaron, now who you gonna go to bat for to coach you? Cause the GM sure as hell won’t tell you no. That’s a recipe for getting fired.

26. New York Giants:

I’m not sure how the hell you did it, but you did it. But it’s kinda stupid to even attempt to win games if I’m being honest. Do you not want a top 5 pick again? What’s 1 more win gonna do for you at this point? All it does is hurt your draft.

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

They can score, but they can’t play defense or win many games... unless it’s against the Panthers apparently. haha

28. Buffalo Bills:
Well, at least Josh Allen gets praise for his running abilities. Which is kinda the wrong thing to get praised for when you’re a QB. You want to be known for your passing acumen, not ability to scramble. Right Tebow?

29. New York Jets:

Another narrow defeat. But hey, at least you got your QB of the future, so you can pick up mega talent in the top end of the draft. See, unlike the other New York team, this one knows how to lose for the greater good.

30. Arizona Cardinals:

Where the hell did that come from? I’m not sure if it’s time to start taking you seriously, or if you just ran into a Packer team that had given up on its coach and wanted him gone so they tanked the game.

31. Oakland Raiders:

Oh how I want to put you last, but 33 points keeps you out of the dog house. P.S. if you beat the Steelers on Sunday, I promise to not have you in last place for the remainder of this season.

32. San Francisco 49ers:
I know the lazy narrative is “Kyle Shanahan can’t win without Jimmy G” and honestly that really lazy and I roll my eyes at it. Do you realize how many great coaches in the NFL haven’t won squat without their star QB? Practically all of them! Plus the Niners are a walking MASH unit.