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Broncos will no longer use paper tickets starting in 2018

Starting this season, the Denver Broncos will no longer use paper tickets.

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Starting this season, the Denver Broncos will no longer be using paper tickets. People attending home games will need to use the Broncos 365 phone app or a mobile internet browser to access their tickets at the gates.

According to ABC 7 Denver, the change was made to cut down on fraud and counterfeiting.

The change applies to both single-game tickets and season tickets. The Broncos will not be sending the tickets through the mail and ticket holders will not be able to print off their electronic tickets at home.

The team says the change is intended to cut down on fraud and counterfeiting.

“The Broncos are committed to utilizing the latest in ticket technology to provide the best experience for our fans,” Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Dennis Moore said. “Broncos fans have used mobile ticketing significantly over the last two seasons with more than 35 percent already accessing their tickets through this method. We look forward to all of our ticket holders experiencing the benefits of mobile tickets and will work with our fans to make this a smooth transition.”

We all have family members who struggle with technology, so this is going to likely create some massive headaches for both those fans who attend games and the customer service employees at the stadium this season.

If you have season tickets or have family members who fit the bill, be sure to direct them to the Broncos website long before the season to make sure they know how to access their tickets on game day to avoid delays or frustrations.