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Josh Sitton would free up the Broncos in a multitude of ways

On top of giving Denver one of the best interior offensive lines in the NFL, Sitton also frees up the NFL Draft.

Cleveland Browns v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Good morning, Broncos Country!

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The offensive line remains one of the biggest questions for the Denver Broncos.

That’s been the case since John Elway took control of Denver’s front office, but it’s been obvious the last two seasons. Is the state of the Broncos line the result of bad quarterback play, bad linemen or a combination of both? The truth probably lies in the middle.

There are a couple of ways for Elway to fix this “problem,” through the NFL Draft and free agency. But a solution presented itself that shoots to the top of the list for Denver when the Chicago Bears released one of the best guards in the NFL in Josh Sitton. Pro Football Focus ranked him as the No. 5 guard last season with an 85.0.

As I told Adam Malnati on the latest MHR Radio Podcast, Elway needs to go after Sitton come March 14. When Sitton was released by the Green Bay Packers, I said the Broncos should target him. They need to do it this offseason. The addition of Sitton would give Denver one of the best interior lines in the NFL when you add him to Ronald Leary and Matt Paradis. At 31, you could still get four seasons from one of the best at his position. And it’s possible for Elway to add Sitton and Kirk Cousins, when the expected moves are made that free up the salary cap space.

The addition of Sitton transforms one of the Broncos’ biggest questions into a sudden strength while also freeing up the draft, which is what Elway prefers. We’ll see what direction Elway and Denver go come the start of free agency.

The MHR Radio Podcast is now on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher. Please subscribe to the one that fits your fancy, and also rate and review what you hear on iTunes.

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