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NFL’s Competition Committee to try to ‘simplify’ catch rule

The NFL’s Competition Committee will explore ways to change the catch rule to provide additional clarity.

UPDATE: According to NFL Network’s Judy Batista, the NFL Competition Committee is looking to eliminate the “going to the ground” portion of the catch rule. If true, that information is a game changer and the change that needed to be made.

Original Post: When the March owner’s meeting occurs, the NFL Competition Committee plans to have a simplified catch rule ready for implementation for the 2018 regular season.

What is a catch? Basically no one knows, which is why this rule change is imminent and expected. The NFL cannot continue to operate under this ambiguous rule.

In recent memory, the referee’s on the field made the correct calls on what a catch is only during the Super Bowl. I can think of the catch in Super Bowl 50 that stood despite it looking like the Carolina Panthers receiver caught it and the catches in Super Bowl 52 that would have been reversed had they happened during the regular season.

I mean, at least they got it right in the biggest game, but the rule’s enforcement in every game leading up to that one was nothing short of annoying and frustrating for fans and journalists alike.


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