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Domata Peko was a key component to the 2017 Denver Broncos defense

Domata Peko was one of the best free agent signings for the Broncos in 2017 and proved it with his play on the field.

DENVER BRONCOS VS. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS Photo by Joe Amon/The Denver Post via Getty Images

In what is a common story for the NFL (Not For Long), Domata Peko entered free agency in 2017 after a long storied career with the Cincinnati Bengals. Elway saw a player who was just what the soft middle of our defense needed in order to be able to stop the run and get back to the kind of defensive dominance that led the Broncos to Super Bowl glory in 2015.

Peko, like many veterans with gas left in the tank showed that he was indeed the real deal that only needed a change in scenery to be reinvigorated and rejuvenated. He was a clear force to be reckoned with in 2017 and was one of the best run stopping inside players in the NFL.

Domata Peko Stats

Games Snap% Sacks Tackles Assists
Games Snap% Sacks Tackles Assists
14 41.60% 1 24 14,

Domata Peko PFF Grade

PFF agreed with my assessment of his play during the season. Overall he scored an 80. He got a 81.7 run defense rating and a 69.1 pass rush rating. He’s a much more formidable run stopper than pass rusher which is exactly what his role on this defense is asked to do.

Domata Peko Contract

Peko has a very reasonable veteran contract in my mind. He’s set to make 4.2 M in 2018 which easily matches the level of play he puts on the field.

2018 Status

There’s no reason whatsoever to doubt Peko’s place on this team. He’s a great locker room guy from what we’ve heard, is an excellent player on the field, and isn’t a guy who’s contract seems out of whack by any stretch of the imagination. Broncos Country can look forward to cheering on our Samoan terror in 2018.