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Report: Kirk Cousins wants a short-term, heavily guaranteed contract

Kirk Cousins isn’t too interested in being tied down to his next team.

Kirk Cousins will reportedly seek a 3-4 year deal max that is mostly guaranteed. That means the Denver Broncos will need to come in heavy on the guarantees, but there won’t be any long term deal to string things out.

People can read into this in a variety of ways. I think Cousins has a bit of “PTSD” of dealing with the way the Washington Redskins do business. He doesn’t want a long-term deal and be locked into a long-term situation he hates. He believes in himself enough to take a shorter length of contract and do this free agent thing again in 3-4 years.

Personally, I think if he signs with a team and it works out well and the franchise treats him like a franchise should treat a franchise quarterback, then he’ll end up signing an extension with that same team before his 3-4 year contract is up.