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Report: Kirk Cousins expected to take at least 1, maybe 2 visits

Kirk Cousins is expected to take at least one visit, maybe two. He would like to avoid signing a contract unseen like Brock Osweiler.

Kirk Cousins will take at least one visit. That first visit really looks like it will be with the Minnesota Vikings who have been reportedly in the drivers seat for weeks now. Making that one visit will ensure he’ll avoid a Brock Osweiler situation.

The “maybe 2” means he likely has a team he would like to play for as his fallback if Cousins feels like Minnesota isn’t a good fit.

If you are still on the Cousins to Denver bandwagon, you should jump off as soon as possible. Plan B for the Broncos is to pursue Case Keenum as a “bridge quarterback” for whoever they draft in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft.