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Denver Broncos “expected” to sign a number three cornerback in free agency

In the clearest sign yet that Aqib Talib is done with the Denver Broncos, Mike Klis of 9News revealed the team would add a No. 3 cornerback in free agency.

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The Denver Broncos offseason saga with Aqib Talib appears to be set in stone as Mike Klis of 9News revealed that the team is expected to sign a cornerback in free agency to fill their No. 3 role on the roster.

The Broncos are expected to sign a cornerback in free agency who is capable of filling their No. 3 role.

The Broncos will need one as they are also expected to part ways with veteran cornerback Aqib Talib. Chris Harris Jr. and Bradley Roby are the projected starters, but Brendan Langley, a third-round draft pick a year ago, figures to need more development before he assumes the No. 3 role.

The only way that can happen is if Bradley Roby is no longer their No. 3 cornerback. And with Chris Harris Jr. not going anywhere, that leaves Talib the odd man out. As the franchise gears up for an all-in venture for Kirk Cousins, they will need Talib’s $10 million cap space for maneuvering room.

As much as many of us don’t like the idea of a Talib-less Broncos defense, it seems to be the course of action Broncos’ brass is pursuing.

The one free agent cornerback that I think would fit John Elway’s mold of second-tier high reward potential is Terrance Mitchell. He had a rough season with the Kansas City Chiefs, posting a paltry 50.5 in coverage, according to Pro Football Focus. However, he was more stout in run support - a staple for Broncos cornerbacks - with a 77.2 PFF grade.

He is the perfect target for Elway as he won’t cost as much as some of the top tier cornerbacks, but there is a ton of potential there for the 25-year-old cornerback and having him in as the number three guy could be the perfect situation for him as well.

Either way, one thing is kind of certain at this point; Talib has likely played his last down with the Denver Broncos.