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Revamping offense should be Broncos’ top draft priority

Revamping the offense should be this year’s priority for John Elway and his staff in the 2018 NFL Draft.

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Good morning, Broncos Country.

Case Keenum has been the big signing for the Denver Broncos this free agent period, but if they are going to want to do a lot better this coming season — they are going to have to revamp the offense and give it major upgrades through the 2018 NFL Draft.

Fans appear to be split on what the team should do with their first overall selection. Some aren’t convinced Keenum a true franchise quarterback and would like the team to make a splash and land one of the top prospects at the position in a strong class. Others would rather see the team opt for Quenton Nelson to help solidify the offensive line or add a dynamic playmaker like Saquon Barkley to help get the offense to the next level.

No matter what your stance is, one thing is crystal clear: short-term or long-term, the biggest issue facing the Broncos is how they can get back to having a good offense, because finishing in the bottom of the league for two consecutive years isn’t going to get the franchise back to where they want to be — hoisting another Lombardi Trophy.

Chalk me up in the latter group mentioned above with building up the offense around Keenum at the number five pick. But if the Broncos truly do want a select a quarterback in this year’s draft class, they should make a big move and get the best prospect at the position and not settle for the third or perhaps fourth option leftover when they are officially on the clock. The best quarterback in this year’s class? Sorry folks, it’s not Baker Mayfield — it’s Josh Rosen.

If Elway decides to not pull the trigger on a quarterback at fifth overall, I’d prefer Nelson over Barkley, just because this draft is loaded at running back and the Broncos should be able to find a quality rusher early on Day 2. Nelson’s addition to the franchise would give them a bonafide stud on the interior, and a great partner to bulldoze opposing defenders next to second-year tackle Garett Bolles. Some think that Isaiah Wynn or Will Hernandez will be there for the team in the second round, but I highly doubt that. They both have dominated the pre-draft process and should find homes in the first-round due to their caliber of play and the simple fact that many teams are desperate for help on the offensive line.

After that on Day 2, where the Broncos have an early second rounder and two third rounders, should be dedicated to getting an offensive tackle and dynamic skill position players who can add some much needed juice to an offense that needs a major facelift. By doing that, the Broncos will have a good start toward building the foundations of success on that side of the ball for years to come, regardless of who is calling the shots behind center.

As always, thank you for reading and here is today’s offering of Horse Tracks.

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