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Case Keenum improves Broncos Super Bowl odds

The Denver Broncos now have the 13th best Super Bowl odds in the NFL thanks to the Case Keenum signing.

NFL: NFC Championship-Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos have been relatively quiet in free agency, but the addition of quarterback Case Keenum improved their overall Super Bowl odds slightly in the eyes of Vegas oddsmakers.

The team was 33/1 odds, but have improved to 25/1 thanks to the Keenum improvement at the quarterback position. It also puts them slightly behind the Oakland Raiders for the top odds in the AFC West.

AFC West Super Bowl Odds

Surprisingly, only the Chiefs saw a drop since early February when these odds were last released. They are essentially the only team in the division that will be starting a quarterback with one start on his stat sheet. That should put them at a disadvantage in a lot of games early on in 2018.

As for Case Keenum, Vegas sees him as a slight statistical improvement over 2016 Trevor Siemian if you look at the over/under. I’d probably take the over on the yards, but the touchdowns become a little trickier.

Broncos Player Props

2018 Regular Season - Total Passing Yards - Case Keenum
Over/Under: 3600

2018 Regular Season - Total Passing Touchdowns - Case Keenum
Over/Under: 20.5

If John Elway can hit some home runs in the 2018 NFL Draft, then I could see these odds improvement into Top 10 range. The big question is whether or not they can get good enough, fast enough to compete for a playoff spot next season.