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Horse Tracks: Denver Broncos fans doing the offseason limbo

With so much due to happen soon, it’s hard not to focus on the not much that’s happening now.

Chicago Bears v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

With the quarterback situation ostensibly settled with the free agent signing of Case Keenum and trade of Trevor Seimian, things have settled down for the Denver Broncos. Sure, the news of Broncos brass attending various pro days and of the trade that brought Jared Veldeer to Denver, was somewhat sustaining, there is still much that needs to be settled in Broncos Country before training camp.

First off, the schedule! Although we know the Broncos opponents both home and away, we don’t know when the games are. In 2017, the NFL schedule came out on April 20th. It’s safe to assume that 2018 will likely come out around the same time.

Then there’s the draft! Do Broncos fans need to be reminded that it begins on April 26? That’s exactly one month from today (assuming you’re reading this on Monday). That means that the back and forth over who to pick at #5 is going to go on for weeks still.... still... weeks.

How’s that stadium name coming? The signage outside the stadium is already down. All the Broncos need now is to get a company to put pen to paper and cut a huge check. How hard could that be? Apparently, it’s harder than we all thought. Frankly, I believe it’s the ghost of old Mile High dictating that corporate sponsorship ain’t the way to go.... but that’s just me. Expect there to be a new corporate overlord here within the next few months... sigh.

Things are in limbo, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Take this lull in the action to hang out with your kids, get stuff done around the house, or get engaged like MHR writer Jeffrey Essary did! Congrats Jeff!


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