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Broncos need to find the right fit with the 5th pick

Picking a QB may be scary for some fans, but finding the right fit with the 5th pick in the draft can be exactly what the Denver Broncos need to turn around the franchise.

NFL: Preseason-Denver Broncos at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos are in a rare position. For just the third time in 27 years they have a top 5 draft pick. The 2018 draft will be a chance for the Broncos to pick a potential franchise quarterback. Many fans are hoping the team will shy away from this prospect, and I have a theory as to why. Like a jilted lover, the Paxton Lynch experience has left a bad taste in their mouthes.

This notion sent me into a full on blow up rant on the Mile High Report Radio Podcast. Ian St. Clair and I have been very vocal about our desire to see Baker Mayfield in a Broncos uniform. We have also been adamant that passing on a QB that could change the franchise for a guard is ludicrous. But I can definitely see why fans would be cautious about the team picking a quarterback in the first round.

Paxton Lynch has been labeled a bust by many, but that may be too simple an explanation. The issue here may have been more about fit than skill. An easy trap to fall into is becoming enamored with a player’s measurables. Strong arm, athletic, tall, characteristics that seem to make GMs salivate. It also could make teams forget about the importance of how well a player will fit with the philosophy of the franchise.

Lynch had plenty of opportunities to take over the starting job, but he could not beat out a 7th round draft pick. That 7th round pick was the perfect fit for the Denver Broncos. Trevor Siemian seemed to be a perfect fit. His desire to get better as a QB, and his drive to prove he belonged made him a great story. He just lacked the skills to be an effective starter in the NFL.

Lynch works out. As Ian said on the show, his videos show him becoming a crossfit champion. He just doesn’t seem to be doing the things he needs to become a legitimate starting QB in the league. Maybe that will change in the future, but it looks like the Broncos are moving on, and zeroing in on drafting his replacement. If they are, there has to be more than just a love affair with his talent. He has to fit with the philosophy of the franchise.

Baker Mayfield seems to be that QB. Gary Kubiak seems to be pounding the table for Mayfield. Ian called him the perfect mix between Lynch (skills), and Siemian (honing his craft). Maybe, but that doesn’t really matter at this point.

The only thing that really matters is that John Elway doesn’t screw this up. Whoever the team decides on for the 5th pick in the draft, they better be sure of his place on the team. They better have learned from their mistakes with Lynch. Otherwise, this is all just an exercise in futility, and we are right back here again next year.

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