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NFL salary cap number set at $177.2 million

Previous reports had the NFL salary cap closer to $180 million, but instead it was set at $177.2 million for 2018.

The NFL has settled on $177.2 million as the salary cap for 2018 according to sources from NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo. This is lower than the reports that it could top $179 million a few weeks ago, but is still over a $10 million a year increase over 2017.

What this means for the Denver Broncos is that their cap space is no longer a projection. It was projected to be around $26 million to start, but is now $23 million. Why does it matter? Because the Broncos will need every penny to pursue Kirk Cousins this coming Monday.

If they move forward with the rumors that they plan to move on from both Aqib Talib and C.J. Anderson, then their cap number will be roughly $40 million. That is cutting is a bit close in the chase for Cousins.

This news could be why Case Keenum is now in the discussion as a slightly less expensive option for the Broncos at quarterback in free agency. The Broncos may just not have the firepower to go after Cousins in a way that competes with the Minnesota Vikings or New York Jets in a meaningful way.