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Peyton Manning attended every Broncos home game last year

Peyton Manning still feels connected to his teammates on the Denver Broncos. He doesn’t miss a home game.

Peyton Manning retired after the incredible Super Bowl 50 title run with the Denver Broncos in 2015, but he still has a connection to the team and the players. He didn’t miss a single home game in 2017 either.

“I went to a lot of football games last year,” Manning said to media members after receiving the Lamar Hunt Award last week. “Go to all the Broncos’ home games, made three New York Giants game. I get back to the University of Tennessee, my alma mater. I saw them play three times this year.”

It’s good to see Peyton still hanging around. His time in Denver was as magical as it could get. Now if only the Broncos could find his heir and get back to their winning ways.