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Report: Broncos won’t get into bidding war with Jets for Kirk Cousins

According to Mike Klis of 9News, the Denver Broncos have an offer for Kirk Cousins, but won’t be getting into a bidding war with the New York Jets for him.

Free Agency starts in a week and the Kirk Cousins rumors and reports are already flying around from him already having a deal in place with the Minnesota Vikings to him not having any deals in place with any team. Who knows what is truly going on, but the Denver Broncos have a plan in place and will pursue that end once the legal tampering period starts on March 12th.

On the heels of this report, the Cousins to Vikings deal doesn’t appear to be a done deal at all. This may come down to the best offer than isn’t the Jets or if the Jets make an offer no one could possibly match then it may come down to money.

Naturally, these rumors and reports will change again tomorrow. However, this is where things stand as of right now.