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Vegas odds peg Kirk Cousins to Vikings all but certain

Vegas odds overwhelmingly side with the Minnesota Vikings for the Kirk Cousins sweepstakes.

In the hunt for Kirk Cousins, the team that Vegas is heavily favoring isn’t the Denver Broncos. They are second to the overwhelming favorite; the Minnesota Vikings. According to, the Vikings are incredible 1/3 odds to land Cousins in free agency with the Broncos trailing at 10/3 odds.

The hype is significant enough for Vikings players to begin following Cousins on Twitter. A trend that is significant because that is usually a sign a player is about to become a teammate. I checked Von Miller’s account and he hasn’t followed Cousins on Twitter yet.

The good news - if you are a Cousins to the Broncos fan - is that Denver has improved its odds in recent days. They surpassed the New Yok Jets and significantly closed the gap on the Vikings since the weekend. They were 10/1 odds when the NFL Combine got underway.

With five days until the legal tampering period begins, the Broncos are in position to at least make a play - it just might not be enough of a play to overcome the interest the Vikings appear to have.