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Von Miller, Emmanuel Sanders pull April Fool’s Day pranks on Broncos fans

If you forgot today was April Fool’s Day, then Von Miller’s post likely scared you to death!

NFL: NFL Honors-Red Carpet Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Von Miller and Emmanuel Sanders took to Instagram on Sunday pulling a couple of scary April Fool’s Day pranks on Denver Broncos fans everywhere.

The Cleveland Browns was a believable trade, considering the Broncos are hanging around in the Top 5 of the 2018 NFL Draft with two other Browns picks. I personally had forgotten what day it was when I woke up to this today and checked Google in a panic.

You got me, Von.

Sanders didn’t get me. I realized soon after that it was April Fool’s so seeing Emmanuel’s Instagram post caused me nothing but a shake of the head and a smirk.

Almost, Emmanuel! Almost...

My only question now is, why the Washington Redskins?