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C.J. Anderson reflects on his Denver Broncos career

A five year career included a 1,000 yard season and a Super Bowl championship. C.J. Anderson will definitely land on his feet.

The Denver Broncos ultimately decided to move on from running back C.J. Anderson on Monday. Despite Anderson doing everything he could to keep his job, the Broncos needed that $4.5 million in salary cap space and were ready to move forward with Devontae Booker in 2018.

Anderson was gracious in the interview rounds after being cut. He spoke at length with Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro on The Afternoon Drive. He did note that he would not have been interested in taking a pay cut, although John Elway and the Broncos never looked into asking Anderson for one either.

C.J. Anderson will land on his feet. He is a proven success in the NFL and has the vision and experience that teams will look for. His 2017 season was one where he proved he could workhorse his way through a 16-game season.

Thank you for a great five years, C.J.!