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John Elway one of the least trusted NFL decision-makers

NFL Agents’ were polled on which decision-makers do they respect the most and trust the least. John Elway had a very unflattering ranking.

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25 NFL Agent’s were polled this year on a variety of questions by USA Today sportswriters Jarrett Bell and Lindsay Jones to get an idea of how they view certain teams and decision-markers around the NFL.

John Elway showed up under a very unflattering category for the least trusted decision-makers in the NFL. Right down there with the decision-markers for the Washington Redskins, Miami Dolphins, and Cincinnati Bengals.

What does that mean? It probably means that Elway and his staff are not entirely forthcoming in their dealings with agents. So saying one thing and doing another, for example. That is one way an individual can become less trusted by another.

Other ways might include being a very tough negotiator. One of the other poll results included the Denver Broncos. They were one of the best teams when it came to being prepared during contract negotiations. The Bengals and Redskins were in the worst category there, which is a bit more telling.

Elway seems like he s a tough negotiator who may be prone to changing his mind mid-negotiation as he has been known to do. See the Aqib Talib signing in 2014 after some tough negotiations with Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. That could cause some bent feelings from the agent community.

Either way, as a fan, I would much prefer to see Elway and the Broncos among the most respected category. However, you cannot really argue with Elway’s results in free agency. He has a knack for finding quality talent without overpaying. And let’s face it, an agent’s job is to get his clients paid... even overpaid.

What do you think of these poll results?