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John Elway: “I’m open to trading.”

The 5th overall pick is up for sale.

Denver Broncos v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

On Thursday, Denver Broncos President of Football Operations/General Manager John Elway met with the media for his pre-draft press conference. During this presser, Elway was asked if their 5th overall pick is open for bidding, and he said: “I’m open to trading.”.

This has been rumored for a bit for the Broncos and appears to be the likely scenario for them as we sit less than a week from the NFL Draft. SI’s Albert Breer is reporting that the Broncos are “smitten” with the idea of trading down, and they should have plenty of suitors.

Schefter names the Buffalo Bills and Arizona Cardinals as two teams who may be interested, but they won’t be the only ones. The Miami Dolphins have the 11th overall pick and could trade up for a quarterback, and The New England Patriots have two first rounder and a couple seconds rounders to use in a potential trade up. So if one or two quarterbacks are there at 5 and the Broncos are not interested in them, they will be fielding these calls.

So what could they get back in return? Let's take a look.

Buffalo Bills:


  • Round 1 - 12th overall (from Cincinnati)
  • Round 1 - 22nd overall (from Kansas City)
  • Round 2 - 53rd overall
  • Round 2 - 56th overall (from Los Angeles Rams)
  • Round 3 - 65th overall (from Cleveland)
  • Round 3 - 96th overall (from Philadelphia)
  • Round 4 - 121st overall
  • Round 5 - 166th overall
  • Round 6 - 187th overall (from Cincinnati)


The Bills appear to be the most likely suitor for a potential trade back. They have two first-rounders, two second rounders, and two third rounders. Plenty of ammo to make any trade they need for a quarterback.

They obviously will be eyeing a quarterback and the Broncos will be interested if a quarterback not named Bakey Mayfield or Sam Darnold are there. Neither is expected to be there so I’d imagine the Bills would call Elway and the Broncos.

What could the Broncos get in return?

  • 12th overall
  • 22nd overall
  • 53rd or 56th overall

At the very least I’d imagine the Broncos getting two ones and one of their 2nd rounders. This would give the Broncos four picks within the first 53 or 56 picks. This would give the Broncos plenty of ammo to build up their roster for the future.

Could they get more? Sure! The Bills will be desperate and the Broncos have all the leverage here.

Arizona Cardinals:


  • Round 1 - 15th overall
  • Round 2 - 47th overall
  • Round 3 - 79th overall
  • Round 3 - 97th overall
  • Round 4 - 134th overall
  • Round 5 - 152nd overall
  • Round 7 - 254th overall


The Cardinals quarterbacks are Sam Bradford and Mike Glennon, so they are obviously in the quarterback market. They have the 15th overall pick and are desperate to find their quarterback of the future.

What could the Broncos get in return?

Unlike the Bills, the Cardinals do not have as many assets to give the Broncos in return. They have one first rounder, one second rounder, and two third rounders. They would have to give up two first rounders(2018 and 2019), a 2nd rounder and another 3rd rounder at least. The Broncos would be going from 5th to 15th overall and the Cardinals are desperate, so they could get a haul in return from them. However, it would likely be more aimed for 2019 instead of 2018.

New England Patriots:


  • Round 1 - 23rd overall (Los Angeles Rams)
  • Round 1 - 31st overall
  • Round 2 - 43rd overall (San Francisco)
  • Round 2 - 63rd overall
  • Round 3 - 95th overall
  • Round 6 - 198th overall (Los Angeles Rams)
  • Round 6 - 210th overall (Oakland)
  • Round 7 - 219th overall (Cleveland)


The Patriots picked up the Rams first-rounder in a trade that sent Brandin Cooks to the Rams. This now gets the Patriots two first rounders and a big need at quarterback behind the soon to be 41-year old Tom Brady. The Josh Rosen rumors are heating up, so they could trade up for him.

What could the Broncos get in return?

They could get a lot from the Patriots. Belichick isn’t shy about giving away draft picks and would have to if he wants to move up from 23rd overall pick to the 5th overall pick. I’d ask for all their picks from round one to round three in return. The 23rd, 31st, 43rd, 63rd, and 95th overall picks. That is quite a lot, but what it should take to go from 23 to 5 for a quarterback.


Which team would you rather the Broncos trade with?

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  • 65%
    Buffalo Bills
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  • 2%
    Arizona Cardinals
    (62 votes)
  • 6%
    New England Patriots
    (145 votes)
  • 0%
    Other(Mention your trade in the comments)
    (15 votes)
  • 24%
    Stay put at 5th overall and take BPA!
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