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Von Miller shines as the face of the Broncos

Miller has become the biggest Colorado Avalanche fan over the course of the series against the Nashville Predators, and hopefully he’ll help fire up the raucous Pepsi Center crowd for today’s Game Six.

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Nashville Predators v Colorado Avalanche - Game Four Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Good morning, Broncos Country!

We’re just days from the NFL Draft, and it cannot get here soon enough.

In the meantime ...

The transition took place two years ago.

When Von Miller led the Denver Broncos to a win in Super Bowl 50, he became the new face of the franchise. Prior to that run in the playoffs and MVP performance against the Carolina Panthers, that distinction belonged to Peyton Manning. While the Broncos were celebrating their third Super Bowl win, we witnessed the moment Manning passed the baton to Miller. It’s one of the best images from that memorable day/night.

Miller is now the face of Denver.

I always enjoy when athletes and teams show support for the other teams in the city they play in. It’s been awesome to see how supportive Miller has been to the Colorado Avalanche in their playoff series against the Nashville Predators. To see how pumped he gets but also the respect he has for the players adds to the excitement.

There is nothing like the Stanley Cup playoffs when your team is playing for the best trophy in sports. It’s the most grueling playoffs there is, but also the most exciting. As soon as you get a taste of it, you get hooked. That came for me in Colorado’s march to the Cup in 1996. That happened for my wife on Friday night after an incredible comeback win in Game Five.

That 2-1 win in Nashville not only kept the Avs’ season alive, it meant they get at least one more game at home. That means Miller will be in attendance once again. When he was shown on Pepsi Vision at Game Four, the roof about blew off the building. You know you’re the face of the city when your presence can fire up the fanbase of a team you don’t even play for. The only thing that would make Miller’s presence better is if he suited up. Just imagine him on the blueline with Nikita Zadorov. That would be incredible. And, yes, for those who just asked, Miller can skate.

Alas, we’ll have to settle for the face of Denver rocking a No. 58 Colorado sweater tonight for Game Six.

“I thought offensive linemen grabbed and tugged on you and threw elbows and stuff,” Miller told the media earlier this week. “You go to a hockey game, those guys are real men out there. I enjoyed it. The energy was crazy. A whole bunch of tough guys skating around on the ice. It was dope. I’m a fan.”

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