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2018 NFL Draft Odds: Broncos might have the quarterback they want or they might want to trade back

Vegas oddsmakers have put out their odds on favorites for each of the first four picks in the 2018 NFL Draft.

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The Denver Broncos pick fifth overall, so the four teams making selections ahead of them obviously matter a hell of a lot. One should assume Vegas works hard to make money, so being right means paying the least amount of money for a bettor being right.

Here is how expects the first four picks to play out with odds on each player.

NFL DRAFT - Who will be the 1st overall pick in the Draft?

Sam Darnold 5/12
Josh Allen 8/5
Saquon Barkley 11/2
Baker Mayfield 10/1
Josh Rosen 18/1
Bradley Chubb 45/1

NFL DRAFT - Who will be the 2nd overall pick in the Draft?

Saquon Barkley 2/1
Bradley Chubb 11/4
Sam Darnold 114
Josh Allen 7/2
Josh Rosen 4/1
Baker Mayfield 15/1
Lamar Jackson 40/1
Mason Rudolph 60/1

NFL DRAFT - Who will be the 3rd overall pick in the Draft?

Josh Rosen 7/5
Baker Mayfield 8/5
Sam Darnold 4/1
Josh Allen 5/1
Saquon Barkley 11/2
Bradley Chubb 11/1

NFL DRAFT - Who will be the 4th overall pick in the Draft?

Bradley Chubb EVEN (1/1)
Any Other Player -140 (5/7)

So you think the Cleveland Browns will want Bradley Chubb with the fourth pick? I think we can give up that dream. The interesting thing is how even the quarterback situation is with the New York Jets. They could literally take any quarterback with that third pick.

The Browns take Darnold first overall, the Giants take Barkley, then the Jets take Rosen, Mayfield, or Allen, then the Browns take Chubb.

That leaves the Denver Broncos with the left over quarterback or Quenton Nelson if they stand pat with the fifth overall pick.

Frankly, in that situation, I would be completely okay with either Mayfield or Rosen. However, with all the rumors of trading back out there it is entirely possible that John Elway ransom’s the fifth pick to a team like the Buffalo Bills for some monster draft capital this year and next year.

How do you think the first five pick play out on Thursday?