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Mike Klis mocks quarterback Baker Mayfield to the Broncos in the beat writer mock draft

The Broncos top beat writer plays GM and selects quarterback Baker Mayfield for the Denver Broncos in this beat writer NFL Mock Draft.

Rose Bowl Game - Oklahoma v Georgia Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Times does an annual beat writer mock draft. They get all the top beat writers for all 32 NFL teams and have them make a first-round pick for their respective teams. For the Broncos, none other than 9NEWS Denver’s Mike Klis made the pick for the Broncos.

The first four picks go like this.

1. Cleveland Browns | Quarterback Josh Allen, Wyoming

2. New York Giants | Running back Saquon Barkley, Penn State

3. New York Jets | Quarterback Sam Darnold, USC

4. Cleveland Browns | Defensive end Bradley Chubb, North Carolina State

It has been rumored that the Broncos top choices at 5 would be USC’s Sam Darnold, NC State’s Bradley Chubb, or Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield. If neither of the three is there, they would likely look to trade back. Well, in this scenario, the Broncos welcome their future starting quarterback to the roster.

Here is Mike Klis’s reasoning for this selection.

5. Denver Broncos | Quarterback Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

The Broncos love how Mayfield can make plays off-script, and likes the edgy personality he brings to the position. Quenton Nelson is also a possibility. — Mike Klis, 9News

Klis notes that Notre Dame guard Quenton Nelson would also be considered here, but they decide to go with the feisty Baker Mayfield to their quarterback room.

This pick would bring a bunch of excitement, plenty of attention, and one confident Mayfield to the Broncos roster. Case Keenum has already been named the starter, but Mayfield’s intensity could close the gap quickly.

Is this how I see the top 5 going? No, but I would gladly take Mayfield in a Broncos uniform. His swagger would be a nice change from the “aw shucks Siemian” attitude and Lynch’s lack of interest in becoming a good NFL quarterback. Mayfield has a giant chip on his shoulder and will light a much-needed fire under this offense.